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Go Surfing

Catch a ride on a gigantic wave and see where nature takes you… Don’t fall off, you’ll end up with a mouth full of salt!

Photo by Jeremy Bishop

What A Way To "Catch A Break"

There are few more enjoyable and exhilarating experiences than surfing, an activity that features high up on many people’s bucket lists.

From Central America's Jungle-fringed Pacific coast to the windswept beaches of southern Portugal, there are a host of destinations that offer excellent surfing conditions for all levels. That means you can find epic waves and then indulge in the usual holiday activities in some of the world's coolest holiday destinations when you're not on your board.

Where To Surf

Sagres, Portugal
The town is a great base for surfers of all levels, and is also home to a number of surf schools and hire shops.
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Our Pick

5 Day Surfers Paradise Camp In Bali

There's only one thing better than hitting the waves and wiping out, and that's recharging your batteries in paradise. Not everyone is a seasoned veteran of the sea, so for those who've always wondered what it'd be like to glide across the crest of a tropical wave, this is the perfect tropical camp to learn in an oasis of Cangu - Bali.

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Other Places To Surf

Waikiki, Hawaii
Regarded as the birthplace of modern surfing, the vibrant Hawaiian town of Waikiki is one of the most famous surf destinations on the planet.
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Byron Bay, Australia
The town of Byron Bay on the country’s southwestern coast is one of the most iconic surf destinations in the world.
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Need To Catch A Custom Break?

We believe in not only ticking off the coolest Bookitlist experiences, but making sure your travels are made unique for YOU. Our travel experts will help you design your next trip according to your exact taste! From hiring campervans to surf across the coast, to inland excursions to add to the adventure, there's no fantasy we can't fulfil.

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This depends on your destination, as some offer stable conditions year round, whilst others vary considerably depending on the season.

When choosing a surf school, it's important to select a class that encompasses time on dry land as well as in the water.

No, most surf schools include, or offer the option of wetsuit hire when booking a class.


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