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Dive With Great White Sharks

Great White's JAWS hold 7 rows of razor sharp teeth and hunting instincts that pre-date dinosaurs! Brave enough to take a dive with them now?

Face to face with a Great...

For some, the thought of diving with a great white shark is terrifying. but if you're craving an adventure-fuelled experience that's going to get your adrenaline rushing, it's perfect.

Great whites are without a doubt one of the scariest predators of the ocean, but they're also intriguing and kind of beautiful in their own way. Diving with these sharks will give you the opportunity to see them up close, in real life, and you can see if your heartbeat matches the eery "dun-dun" of the JAWS theme tune.

Diving with Great White Sharks locations

Port Lincoln, Australia
Port Lincoln is the only place you can cage dive with sharks in Australia, so if you're hoping to break up your trip down under with a cage diving experience, this is the best (and only) place to go.
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Gansabaii, South Africa
Gansabaii is only 8km from Cape Town, which makes it easy to get for any tourists passing through. But it’s not just convenience that makes this location a diving-with-sharks hotspot.
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Isla Guadalupe, Mexico
On the Guadalupe, you'll find even clearer waters than in Port Lincoln. You'll have up to 30m of visibility, so you'll have the perfect view of sharks and other marine life.
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Our Pick

Incredible 2-Hour Shark Dive in Hawaii!

So Hawaii is where one of the largest Great White Sharks has been seen lately, and the diverse marine life make the area amazing for seeing Sharks hunt for prey in their natural habitat.

With so much else to do in Hawaii and the chance of seeing some amazing sharks, Hawaii is hard to beat.

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