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Go Scuba Diving

Dive into another world and submerge yourself in coral reefs, abandoned shipwrecks and schools of tropical fish.

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A Whole New World

Scuba diving unlocks what covers 71% of the earth’s surface: the ocean.

If you get sick of hanging out on dry land with other humans, you can transport yourself to a whole new world complete with new fish friends.

Scuba diving is a skill that just keeps giving: every dive offers you a new experience. And even if you spent your entire life underwater, you’d never run out of ocean to explore. With so much to discover, the sooner you start, the more you’ll get to experience.

Where To Scuba Dive

Bali, Indonesia
If you can't fall in love with Bali, you need to see a cardiologist because your heart isn't working.
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Book your luxury scuba diving trip to Hawaii on the KONA AGGRESSOR II

Book your luxury scuba diving trip to Hawaii on the KONA AGGRESSOR II Padi Travel

The Scuba diving trip with a side of heat. The luxurious Kona Aggressor II liveaboard is a Diver’s dream as it travels along the western coast of Hawaii to sites like Paradise Pinnacle, Tubestria Tunnel, The Hive, Turtle Pinnacle and Rob’s Reef. The liveaboard yacht ventures far from the reach of day operators to beautiful South Point, the southernmost tip of Hawaii and the United States. With lava flows in the background, Divers suit up for a week of spectacular diving.

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PADI is the world’s leading scuba diver training organisation.
With more than 6,600 PADI Dive Centers and Resorts, and 137,000 individual PADI Professionals who have issued more than 27 million certifications around the world, you’ll find PADI diver courses and scuba diving services nearly everywhere.

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This trip is a divers paradise. With one of the best scuba diving waters in the world, travelling the waters of Hawaii in style on the Kona Aggressor II is a must do.

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Make sure you pack your sun cream and sun glasses, as it can get hot down in Hawaii... and watch out for the lava!

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Awesome Scuba Dive Points


Scuba diving is fairly easy to pick up but, like anything, it varies from person to person. Many people liken it to learning to drive because you have to pass a test and everyone does it at their own speed.

You should take a scuba diving class because it’s dangerous to dive without any training. Taking the time to learn the ropes properly will mean you won’t drown and will enjoy things a whole lot more.

It’s not enough of a risk that you should miss out on experiencing these underwater paradises. Also, humans kill over 100 million of them each year. This compares to just 6 human fatalities per annum, on average, over the last decade.


Diving Resources


  • For you to find the best accomodation around your trip. They work globally with accommodation for all budgets.
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  • Diving is often about the people that you learn with. There are often hostels close to or even attached to dive centres.
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World Nomads

  • Travel insurance to give you peace of mind while travelling.
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