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Backpack South America

Backpacking is the art of knowing what not to take.

Dramatic mountain ranges, otherworldly deserts, picture-perfect beaches, glaciers, volcanoes, ancient landmarks cosmopolitan cities, and the largest and most biodiverse rainforest on the planet, South America is as diverse as it is spectacular, and whether you’re a history buff, thrill-seeker, culture-vulture, or beach bum, is it the perfect destination for a backpacking adventure!

Top 3 South American Backpack routes

The Amazon
The largest and most biodiverse rainforest on earth, the Amazon is truly astonishing, a 5.5 square km stretch of lush verdant jungle
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Go canyoning, mountain biking, and visit the Amazon in Ecuador

Go canyoning, mountain biking, and visit the Amazon in Ecuador; hike the Inca Trail in Peru; soak up the Andean culture of Bolivia; explore the otherworldly landscapes of Chile’s Atacama desert, and the streets of the continent’s two most exciting cities, Buenos Aeries and Rio de Janeiro: this once-in-a-lifetime South American adventure truly has it all!

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Other South American Backpack Routes

Colombia’s Caribbean Coast
Rich in culture, history, and natural beauty and home to some of the best beaches in all of South America, Colombia’s Caribbean Coast is a great option for a backpacking adventure.
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Chile - Santiago to Patagonia
There are few if any countries on earth as beautiful as Chile, a unique and fascinating land, rich in history and culture and home to picturesque beaches,
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Costa Verde
Encompassing some 600KM of Brazil’s southern coastline, Costa Verde is the perfect backpacking route for those who want to experience Brazil’s world-famous beach culture.
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Due to its size and variety of altitudes, the best time of year to visit depends upon your specific destination of choice. However, generally speaking, September and October offer the mildest and driest weather throughout the continent.

Trust everyone and no one. One of the best reasons to travel alone is to meet new people, but this also makes you more vulnerable.

Hiking boots or shoes. Plenty of food. Water bottles and water-treatment supplies.
Emergency and hygiene supplies.


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