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Go on a Road Trip

There's nothing more liberating than hitting the open road and having the freedom to see where your tank of petrol may take you!

Every Stop Is Home On The Open Road

There's nothing quite as liberating as the open road. An endless stretch of questions that you navigate through your wheel and ultimately learn, there were no right or wrong answers (or turns), just discoveries along the way. Leave your stresses, routines and stigmas behind, and find yourself by getting lost, this is the beauty of an epic road trip.

Road trips can often tell you more about a region than the towns and cities that they stitch together. From the Scottish highlands, to Brazil’s picturesque eastern coastline, across the world there are myriad amazing routes. Routes that lead to gems only reserved for those who are willing to put their pedal where there petrol is and trust their inner explorer.

Our Pick

Mongol Rally

Billed as the ‘Greatest motoring adventure on the planet’, the Mongol Rally is a truly epic, and somewhat crazy, 10,000 mile, cross-continent rally which encompasses all manner of terrain, from rugged peaks to endless arid deserts and everything in between. There is no set route, instead contestants are simply given a start and a finishing point and are free to choose whatever course they see fit, with one of the few rules being that their vehicles must not exceed a paltry, 1 Litre or 1000cc.

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Awesome Road Trips

Ring Road - Iceland
Stretching for an incredible 1,339-kilometres around the entire perimeter of Iceland, the Ring Road is the country’s only major road, and connects many of its most famous sights and landmarks.
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Great Ocean Road - Australia
The Great Ocean Road, is the world's largest war memorial and was constructed by Australian servicemen as a tribute to their colleagues who lost their lives in the first World War.
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Route 66 - USA
The most iconic road trip route on the planet, Route 66 runs for almost 4000km between Chicago and Los Angeles, encompassing numerous towns and cities, landmarks and stunning scenery along the way.
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Want To Steer Your Own Adventure?

If you're not one for following the beaten path then we understand. No itinerary nor GPS tracking system can show you the best route to adventure. If you'd like to create your own custom holiday, be it a road trip across Europe or a quiet beach break to recover for a long road trip, our travel experts will help create one free of charge.

Make My Trip


Most routes are well served by amenities including accommodation, with plenty of camp sites, motels and hotels to choose from.

Ensure you hire a reliable and comfortable car with plenty of legroom and space for luggage/supplies.

License and registration
A copy of your car insurance policy
Your car’s manual
Spare tire
Roadside Emergency Kit
Sat Nav and/or navigation app as well as a paper map (just in case)
Water and snacks

Adverse weather conditions can cause issues, so therefore it's important to choose a period when the weather is warm and stable. The exact time of year will vary depending on your destination of choice.


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