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Eat Street Food in South-East-Asia

Despite serving a strange array of ingredients from cockroaches to "vomit fruit", numerous street stalls have even aquired michelin stars for their extraordinary dishes.

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Hearty Broths & Spicy Insects!

The sheer variation of street food in South East Asia would have even the greediest of foodies full for years before they could lay claim to having "tried it all".

Everyone has become familiar with classics such as Pad Thai, but how many of us know about the zesty tea leaf salads of Myanmar or Kwek-Kwek, deep fried quail eggs served with a spicy vinegar from the Philippines? If you're heading to anywhere in South East Asia, you should make room (both in your stomach and timeline) for a plethora of delicious eats on the streets.

Best Countries For Street Food

Spicy Southern island dishes and some of the world's freshest produce in the mountainous North.
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South East Asia's fastest growing gem is being touted for it's islands and low prices, but it's street food is it's secret weapon.
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With an Asian set of roots garnished with a French Colonial influence, the well balanced flavours of Vietnam are integral to the countries identity.
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