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Visit A Coffee Plantation

There is no better way to learn about this fascinating process than by visiting one of the millions of coffee plantations across the globe.

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For Those Keen On Caffeine

For many of us, coffee is an important part of everyday life, and recent decades have witnessed a global coffee revolution, with lovers of the drink becoming increasingly interested in how these amazing beans are sourced and grown.

There is no better way to learn about this fascinating process than by visiting one of the millions of coffee plantations across the globe, where you will gain a unique insight into how the beans are grown and processed and of course, sample some of their deliciousness for yourself!

Where To Visit A Coffee Plantation

One of Africa’s most beautiful and biodiverse countries, Rwanda is renowned for its rugged, jungle carpeted landscapes.
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Guatemalan coffee is known the world over for its excellent quality, and the industry is integral to the country's economy, accounting for around 40% of its total agricultural export revenue.
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Said to be the birthplace of the drink, Ethiopia remains the largest coffee producer in Africa and the seventh-largest on the planet.
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Colombia is synonymous with coffee and is the third largest producer on the planet (behind Brazil and Vietnam) owing largely to its blend of climate, elevation and fertile volcanic soil, which together create the perfect conditions for growing beans of the highest quality.

There are numerous coffee regions throughout Colombia including near Medellin, its second largest city, once considered one of the most dangerous places on earth it has undergone massive regeneration in recent decades and is now regarded as one of the most exciting destinations in all of South America, and the perfect place for a coffee tour.

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Other Places To Visit A Coffee Plantation

Once the world’s main coffee exporter, the beautiful islands of Indonesia boast a long and proud heritage of coffee production.
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A beautiful, and somewhat under-the-radar destination, Nicaragua is a spectacular blend of colourful colonial cities, towering volcanoes.
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Although unlike many of its neighbours, the Central American nation of Panama is not synonymous with coffee.
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Although visiting a coffee plantation is a great year round experience, the best period to visit is during harvest season which lasts a couple of months and varies depending on the destination.

Yes, coffee plantations will usually sell beans directly to visitors.

Most coffee plantation tours last around 5/6 hours, though for a more in-depth experience, you can go on a multi-plantation tour which will last for a number of days.


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