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Go To The South-East of the UK

If you prefer to amble wistfully through well preserved period streets, stumbling across historical buildings and sprawling greens, then the South-East is ideal for you.

Photo by Callum Wale

A few words about The South-East

Known for it’s laid back, slower pace of life, endowed with a litany of castles and cathedrals, stone clad walls and cobblestone streets there’s nowhere more universally pleasant to amble around in the UK.

Perfect for older couples and groups who wish to partake in the finer things in life like architecture, ornate nature and the arts.

Where To Stay In The South East Of The UK?

Our Pick

Chapel Down Vineyard Tour

The mineral rich chalk soil of Kent provides fertile grounds to grow the freshest grapes in the country.

With the perfect climatic conditions to make world class sparkling wines and aromatic still wines, this tour is not only perfect for wine connoisseurs, but those who are seeking to enjoy new experiences.

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Things To Do In The South-East Of The UK

South East Essentials


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English Heritage
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