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Go To Patagonia - Join Bookitlist for an epic adventure!

Vast and diverse, the tip of South America is stuffed full of surreal glaciers, arid planes that make for a cowboys playground and jagged edged mountain ranges.

Photo by Diego Jimenez

Discover Both Sides Of Patagonia

Patagonia is a place you should really take your time exploring. Split down the middle, it is shared by Chile and Argentina but is like a country in itself. Flanked by the glorious ocean on three sides, bisected by the Andes and sculptured by glaciers, Patagonia defines natural beauty. If you’re a lover of the outdoors, make sure Patagonia is on your bucket list.

The most classic route when exploring this region is to fly into Buenos Aires and out of Santiago, as they make great start and end points if you want to pack everything in. Don’t feel as though you have to take this well-trodden path though, Patagonia invites you to wander through it however you like.

Where To Stay In Patagonia

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A 15-Day Ultimate Adventure

With a jam-packed itinerary, this 15-day tour was made with the modern-day explorer in mind. This trip is perfect for anyone looking to discover somewhere completely new and experience as much as possible.

You begin in Buenos Aires and cycle through the country’s celebrated wine region before exploring Mendoza. Then, it’s a six-hour trek to the largest mountain in the Americas, Aconcagua. If this sounds like your idea of fun, you’ll love the full itinerary.

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Activities To Do In Patagonia


The only thing to be wary of is what you’re carrying as Chile, in particular, have very strict border controls to protect their flora, fauna, and agricultural industries. Unpacked, fresh food, for example, isn’t allowed in.

Many tour operators, hostels and bus routes only operate during the summer months which is November – March, so this is your window to explore. It’s possible to go at other times, you just need to check what’s open.

Yes, exploring Patagonia can get expensive quickly, so it’s important to budget carefully (unless you’re a Waitrose regular). Things like knowing Torres del Paine has a high entry fee, but Parque Los Glaciares over the border is free, can really make a difference.

Be wary of how big Patagonia is – there’s lots of stunning scenery because it’s so vast and empty. So, it takes a while to travel from place to place as everything is far apart. Get some good bus snacks ready.


Patagonian Essentials


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