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Mumbai: a city of a million contrasts.

Photo by Parth Vyas

The Base Of Bollywood

If there’s one word that sums up a visit to Mumbai, it’s contrast. Just on your trip from the airport, you’ll see slums next to million-dollar apartment blocks, sports cars queuing behind cows, stray dogs, exotic birds and loads and loads of people. But with nearly 20 million people calling Mumbai’s sprawling metropolis their home, that’s hardly surprising.

It’s a whirlwind that’s not for the faint-hearted. There’s bazaars, temples, fine dining, street food, a-hundred-thousand car horns and one of Asia’s biggest film studios. Your eyes will ache, your senses will tingle, and things will never seem quite the same.
If you think you’re ready for that, then Mumbai is waiting for you.

Where To Stay In Mumbai

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Private 2-Day City and Elephanta Island Tour

Mumbai is a melting pot of music, masala and monuments. Discover more than just the gateway to India, peel back the Kashmir curtain and reveal the truth behind the Dharavi slums, cruise through Elephanta Island and explore the famous cave networks. There's every menainfgul landmark in Mumbai included in this 2 day tour including: Municipal Building, Marine Drive, Nariman point, Chowpatty Beach and the Hanging Gardens.

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In Mumbai, they use the Indian Rupee. The Rupee is a closed currency which means there are restrictions on taking it into or out of India. For this reason, you won’t be able to get Rupees before you travel.

November to February is the most pleasant months to spend in Mumbai. The humidity will start to rise in March and then from June the monsoon season will last through to November.

Yes, Mumbai is generally a safe city to visit. As a tourist, you will get hassled frequently from beggars who can be pushy at times. Although this can be annoying, they’re not scary or violent. As you would in any city it’s wise to be cautious with your valuables.

Yes, you should. As in many Asian cities, dressing conservatively will reduce the attention you’ll get.


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