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Go To Goa

A Portguese inspired coastal corner of India that has fused it's European influences with traditional Indian customs to create a unique, must visit destination.

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Coastal India With Coconut Creamy Dishes

India’s tourist Mecca, Goa holds something for everyone. There are hippy enclaves, family holiday homes, funky backpacker hang-outs, bouncing nightclubs, yoga and beaches, beaches, beaches. In fact, whatever you’re looking for, one of Goa’s golden shores will serve you right.Only reunified with the rest of India in 1961, Goa is decidedly different from other places in the county.

Gone are the perpetual car horns you’ll hear everywhere else, the air is pretty pollution-free, and the vibe is liberal, easy and downright fun.

First and foremost, Goa is what you make it. If you want to stretch out on a Yoga retreat, great. If sampling traditional Goan cuisine is your thing, awesome. If absorbing the fascinating mix of Portuguese and Indian history is your bag, brilliant. Or, if you yearn dance until the sun comes up, knock yourself out (not literally).

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Full-day private tour of Goa

A region full of culture, intrigue and elegance, this tour will take you to many of the places that beach lovers miss. You’ll marvel at Shree Manguesh, the famous temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. You’ll visit lush green surrounding of a spice farm where you’ll see how the Goans still work the region’s fertile soil. And you’ll visit the Basilica Bom Jesus which contains the 500-year-old remains of St. Francis Xavier.

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The high season in Goa is between December and January and during this time the population almost doubles. Comparatively, it’s deserted and a lot cheaper during the monsoons which range between June and September.

Goa is expensive in comparison to much of India. If you’re travelling from Europe, the US or Australia, we think you’ll find it a bargain.

We would recommend spending at least four days in Goa, although you could easily spend a lot more.

To visit Goa, like the rest of India, you’ll need the Indian Rupee. The Rupee is a closed currency which means there are restrictions on taking it into or out of India. For this reason, you won’t be able to get Rupees before you travel.


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