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Go To Hong Kong

With Chinese roots, English colonial vestiges and it's own unique island charm - Hong Kong is a fusion of East and West like no other.

Photo by Simon Zhu

Unique Island Metropolis With Eastern & Western Influences

An incredible city that’s vibrant both day and night - which goes a long way to explain why it’s known internationally as an ‘entertainment hub’.

Fusing the east and the west, Hong Kong is a sophisticated place that’s easy to get around and explore, whatever you have planned on your itinerary. Hong Kong is a metropolitan area that’s home to 7.5 million people and welcomes more than 26 million tourists each year.

Although Hong Kong is famous for its skyscrapers, 40% of its land is actually nature reserves and parks - which means you can enjoy the thriving city or hike up the green trails.

Where To Stay In Hong Kong

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The Dragon's Back Hiking Tour

TIME magazine dubbed this Asia's best urban trek for good cause. Take some time out of the busy city and enjoy a half-day surrounded by nature as you hike along The Dragon’s Back trail. Hiking with an expert guide around the winding forests, mountains and coastal paths. There are plenty of photo opportunities, particularly at the Big Wave Bay and South China Sea, so be sure to snapshot your 5-hour hiking achievement.

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To really enjoy everything Hong Kong has to offer, 4-5 days is the perfect length of stay, within this time you’ll be able to visit Macau.

There are many culinary delights to try in Hong Kong including dim sum, pineapple buns, zhu cheung fun, tofu dessert - to name just a few.

Visit Hong Kong between October and December, during these months the weather is sunny and comfortable. Be sure to visit Hong Kong Park, Stanley and experience Lamma Island.


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