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A city torn apart by divisive conflict, is now a liberal centre for arts and culture that embraces all who call it home (even if just for the night).

Historical heart of Germany with a modern bohemian pulse.

Whether you’re looking for a relaxing city break, a slice of contemporary culture or a dive into the past, the German capital will have something for you.

Although the capital city, Berlin is much quieter than most. Take the visit at your own pace. Meander through the streets, hit up a gallery, or save yourself for Berlin after hours.

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Full Day Off The Beaten Path Private Guided Berlin Tour

Avoid the tourist queues, take this private guided tour that blends the most iconic landmarks with off-the-tourist-trail sights that are often overlooked by those relying on advice from Google. This is PERFECT for first time visitors, and you'll get to engage in Berlin's rich history and culture, and have an enthusiastic local not only lead you from point A to B, but help stitch together the narratives along the way that paint a full and vivid picture of Germany's picturesque capital.

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As with many city breaks, you can visit at any time. The summer can get hot, and the winter cold, but don’t let either of those things put you off. To avoid the peak tourist times and get the fairest weather, travel in the late spring or early autumn.

Destroyed in the First World War, divided by the second and now one of Europe’s most exciting and creative places. Then there’s the wealth of restaurants, bars and nightclubs that bring the city to life in the evening. A trip to Berlin isn’t complete without sampling their local beers.

We recommend a minimum of 2 nights and 3 days since there's so much to see and do. You would also be well served to do a long weekend or a 5 day trip. If you're coming to Germany for a week or more spend the best part of a week in Berlin before heading to Bavaria or another destination.


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