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4 nights

Amsterdam, Netherlands

£ 300
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4 Nights Kings Day Celebration Photos

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What's Included?

  • Heineken Brewery Beer Tour & Tasting
  • Meet & Greet Drinks
  • Kings Night Street Party
  • Kings Day Street Party
  • Comfortable Hotel In Central Amsterdam Location
  • Optional Cultural Excursions (Rijksmuseum, Anne Frank Museum)


Amsterdam Netherlands beer

Day 1 - Meet & Greet, King's Night

Check into our handpicked 3* Star hotel and meet our Party Team Leader/Legend. Then get ready to sample Amsterdam's finest offerings.

We’ll meet and greet our team in traditional Amsterdam style, with a beer or two. In the afternoon we’ll be ready to split and explore the city. Enjoy this as your last day of “normality” because from tomorrow, the partying gets turned up to 11.


Day 2 - Kings Night

Being a culture vulture does not mean being over 60 and too stiff to let your hair down, which is why we’ll be sampling beers on our first cultural excursion. The national beer of Holland is without question Heineken, and we’ll take a tour of their beautiful brewery sampling the goods as we do.

Tonight is King’s Night, some say it’s an even bigger orange blur of liquor and dancing than tomorrow’s celebration and we’re definitely ready to warm up for the main event in style. We’ll meet at the hotel lobby at 6pm and head out for some street partying.


Day 3 - Kings Day

It’s time for the main event. A colossal 1 million man boogie on the streets of Amsterdam in eccentric costumes, sporting their orangest clad dancing along to live parades, bangs, markets and mischief. One of the world’s most epic street parties is here in full swing (and it’s barely gone 10am).

Be sure to put on the most tangerine outfit you can muster, and be ready to burn the euro’s you’ve withdrawn on anything from beer, Amsterdam finest smoking supplements, streets goods from cheese to vintage berets, and head out onto the water to shake your tailfeather on the canal boat party boards! This is one party you’ll never forget!

Visit Rijksmuseum

Day 4 - The Kings Day Classy Comedown

We’ll forgive you if you don’t jump out of bed this morning feeling fit as a fiddle and start galivanting around the city with a spring in your step. Today is a day to take it slow, bring it down to gear 3, enjoy a big breakfast and head out for some cultural delights to help restore some normality after what was no doubt a celebration of epic hangover inducing proportions.

Our leader will help you book some incredible cultural excursions including a trip to the Rijksmuseum, a sobering and thought provoking trip to the Anne Frank Museum or simple chill in the famous cafe’s of Amsterdam and unwind a little further still.

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Every thread of Orange in your wardrobe, enough money to cover your sins and the will to party like never before.

Technically it's a celebration of the Dutch monarchy, like our celebration of the Queens jubilee. But in reality it's a giant orange blur of beer and hedonism.

Absolutely. Nobody can party 24 hours a day, not even the Dutch. They'll be time to do your own thing and we'll even help book some cultural excursions if you're into that type of thing.

It's Holland so, prepare for some rain, and some choppy breezes skipping up off the canals. Don't worry, you'll be heated by the dancing masses and it's a lot less frustrating when there's 1 million other people getting wet with you.



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