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Go Ice Caving

Do you dream of visiting a natural ice cave within a glacier?

A Sci-Fi Worthy Natural Phenomenon

A spectacular natural phenomenon, ice caves are found in glaciers, and rugged wintry landscapes throughout the world, and are a truly spectacular sight, often boasting striking azure colors, frozen streams, waterfalls, and labyrinthine formations of ice and rock.

A unique and exciting holiday activity, navigating these incredible caves must often be done in a number of different ways, from kayaking, to ice-pick climbing, or hiking up glaciers, making ice-caving the perfect pursuit for the adventurous traveller!

Where To Stay To Go Ice Caving In Vatnajökull

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Vatnajökull Glacier Ice Caves - Iceland

When it comes to wild, natural beauty, there are few if any countries on earth that rival Iceland, a truly spectacular blend of otherworldly landscapes, from active volcanoes, to icy fjords, and breath taking frozen glaciers. Situated in the southeast of the island, Vatnajökull is a vast area of protected land, home to some of Iceland’s most striking scenery.

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Chisel Your Own Custom Adventure

Ice caving is cooler than polar bear sipping a milkshake in a snowstorm, but we believe you can make any trip even cooler. Our travel experts will help you design your next trip according to your exact taste, from bespoke itineraries to unique accommodation choices!

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This depends on the location, though most are only accessible with a guide or as part of a tour.

This depends on the ice cave, glacial caves in particular are usually only accessible during the colder months, as melting ice makes them dangerous during the summer.

No, experience isn’t necessary for most ice-caving tours, though a decent level of fitness is usually required.


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