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Corporate Adventures

Conquer The Elements In This Epic 24 Hour Challenge

Do you have a team of employees that you would love to bring together in an epic adventure? Corporate events can be the perfect way to improve teamwork, and add an extra dimension to your group!

Grab your comfiest walking socks and boots because you're going to need them for this challenge. With an estimated distance fo 26 miles (seems very managable over 24 hours) and an ascent of 3,000 metres (a much more challenging prospect), the 3 peaks challenges provides an unforgetable day oif pushing yourself to the limit... and the summit!

Corporate Adventures

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We are able to tailor make your corporate adventure based on your requirements. Whether one of our pre-created, tried and tested tours, or if you have an alternative request we can work with you on this to confirm whether we are able to help with your request.

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Yes, lots of our customers choose to raise money for charity on their adventure. We can assist you in ways to promote this, as well as put together photos and videos for you to journal your adventure.

Depending on the request, depends on how long we need to prepare. The best way to find this out is to simply call us and we can discuss this with you.

As well as transfers, we are also able to provide other equipment on request, such as bike rental for a biking challenge.

We are able to take a deposit from you, and then make full payment 4 weeks prior to the event.

Rest assured, we can provide insurance details on your trip for public liability insurance. If you want to take out further cover yourself, then this is up to the customer.


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