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Holiday with mum- 7 women's holidays perfect for taking mum

Mum's are often the person to take us on our first holiday's and give us a glimpse into the world of travel. They can show us the code of conduct on a beach lounger, take us to eat food we never knew existed, and teach us all the correct manners for saying please and thank you in the local language. We often have a lot to thank our mums for in giving us the travel bug. So, what better way to repay them than to have a holiday with mum?

We have a look at 7 of our favourite women's holidays, some of them close to home and some further afield. Which holiday will you take your mum on?

Wine Tasting

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Wine tasting can be enjoyed in a range of locations from the south of the UK, as a trip to Europe visiting Provence in France or Tuscany in Italy, and then beyond Europe in famous wine regions such as Stellenbosch South Africa, and Napa Valley in California. Whether you want to take your mum half way across the globe, or just a short drive away, a vineyard is a perfect trip to enjoy with your mum, if she enjoys wine of course.

For a UK wine trip we recommend an escape to the country with the Chapel Down vineyard in Kent. This best-known winemaker provides a mini break that gives you a vineyard tour, wine tasting, and also can be grouped with a stay in the picturesque Little Silver Country Hotel.

If you're looking for a short tranquil trip, this is a great little getaway.

A Spa Weekend

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Has your mum earned a break that requires nothing but rejuvenation, relaxation, and pampering? Well going on a spa weekend is a great way to reward them, where you can get the exact same treatment too. Well it would be rude to sit and watch wouldn't it?

For a UK Spa, why not tie in a trip to Bath? Bath is an incredible city, with Roman Spa's. It's also in the Cotswolds allowing you to venture into the regions beautiful countryside and check out local quint villages such as Castle Combe. For the ultimate pampering trip we recommend The Royal Crescent Hotel & Spa. Located in Bath's famous Royal Crescent, this 5-star hotel offers picturesque landscaped gardens while still being central to Bath, and houses an award wining restaurant.

To read a guide on Bath check out our guest post from she.travels here

Check out our other favourite spa retreats around the world by visiting out 'Go On A Spa Retreat' entry.


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Portugal is one of the most beautiful and fascinating nations in Europe. Positioned on the Western extremity of Europe Portugal is home to some of the best beaches in Europe. If you would like to whisk your mum away to those beaches then look no further than the Algarve. This destination has golden sands and sunshine that is almost year round.

When you're not taking in the summer sun on the beach, then there are picturesque towns and villages. Basing yourself in Vilamoura you will be able to also enjoy their exquisite marina, and even their dolphin safari.

Shopping in Dubai

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Do you and your mum love to shop until you drop? Then you could look at visiting the worlds largest shopping mall. Dubai holds not only the biggest but probably the most exuberant mall in the world, and is synonymous with luxury. Dubai also though provides open-air markets and souks, so you can enjoy taking a look at bespoke jewellery and other handmade crafts.

In Dubai not much is done by half, so checking out their huge marina, the worlds tallest building, or their incredible aquarium, there's lots to do when you have finished shopping.

Check out our Visit Dubai page for information on making the most of your trip to the UAE.

UK Camping

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Does camping suit your mum more than a trip to Dubai? Does she prefer fish and chips, an ice cream, and enjoying the delights of the British Isles in comparison to an exuberant trip? Well camping can be a great way to sit and enjoy a calm but fulfilling weekend.

One way you can enjoy different parts of the UK, waking up and heading to the next little beach, village or market is in a Campervan. You could head around your chosen road trip, chatting away about years gone past.

The UK has some beautiful road trips from the North Coast 500, to the rolling hills of the Yorkshire Dales. If you want to experience a camping in the UK, check out our Top 10 UK Campervan routes.

Afternoon Tea in London

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London can be a great day out taking in the cities sites, and why not unwind with scrumptious afternoon tea. London Secret Garden has exclusive dining pods that are a great way to enjoy afternoon tea with a little twist.

With a selection of sandwiches, mouth watering cakes and bubbling Champagne you may not really want to check out the cities sites after, but just head home to bed with a smile falling to sleep before your head hits the pillow.

Book afternoon tea in Kensington with Red Letter Days


Is your mum the one who taught you about the Romans and helped with your history books but has not managed to visit the great city herself? Well why not repay her for getting you those good grades and use the opportunity to take her to this incredible city.

Rome is not just another city break, it's an ornate masterpiece teeming with ancient wonders. You can spend the day here visiting the Colosseum, Pantheon, and other pieces of history. Then at night enjoy the vibrant Trastevere neighbourhood enjoying some of the best restaurants Italy has to offer, listening to the local bands softly play their music.

Rome wasn't built in a day, but you can enjoy it in a weekend.