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10 Best Places To Visit March

As winter begins to fade and the hope of Spring is around the corner, sometimes the wait for warm weather and greener pastures (both literally and figuratively) can become too much to bear.

If you relate to this sentiment then a March getaway might be just what you need. We've scoured the globe looking at the climates, availability, value for money, and congestion of the world's greatest destinations to give you the absolute BEST places you can visit in March.

1) Mexico

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A foodie paradise with a rich blend of indigenous and Hispanic cultures, and a long and storied history, Mexico is a wonderfully unique and welcoming place that truly offers something for everyone. Without question, the Incan ruins of Chichen Itza and the turquoise cenotes of the surrounding region are must-see highlights. March is one of the driest months in Mexico and it’s not too hot either averaging a pleasant 26 degrees.

2) Borneo, Malaysia

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Borneo is the slice of Asia that has been left almost completely isolated from the environmental complications of tourism, and as such is considered THE defacto most lush slice of rainforest laden, mangrove rich, mountain dotted terrain in all of Asia. The island belongs to 3 countries and is spread across Indonesia, Malaysia and Brunei. Its dense rainforests are estimated to be 140 million years old making them one of the oldest in the world. March is when the rainy season really begins to die down making it less humid and more pleasant as a result.

3) India

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If variety is the spice of life, India is the masala of travel. The Taj Mahal is one of the 7 new wonders of the world, but among the embarrassment of riches in India, it's merely one of the hundreds of gems that must be explored to be appreciated. March is also the month of a very colourful and unique festival in India. 'The Festival Of Colours', Holi, sees Indians unite in a firework display of coloured powders with children and adults of all ages taking to the streets and launching psychedelic powders at one another to celebrate Spring.

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4) Morocco

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Temperatures this time of year for Morocco are perfect for long days trawling bazaars in search of rare trinkets and treasures with a mild but t-shirt friendly 20-24 degrees being the average. Africa's gateway provides a huge breadth natural splendour that is perhaps overlooked thanks to tourists fascination with its culinary exploits and handicrafts hidden among it's enormous bizarre.Hikers and nature lovers can get their fill across copper sand dunes and the Atlas Mountain range, Africa's answer to the Himalayas. For those wanting a SPECTACULAR Instagram picture, head to Chefchaouen, a blue-washed mountain village as pretty as Santorini and as African as Jolof Rice.

5) Las Vegas, USA

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This Nevada city has been built up from the desert, to become the perfect destination for those who want to party and gamble the night away. As well as the perfect party destination, it’s a city that screams luxury, with high-end hotels lining the Strip, famous shows and concerts, pampering spas, and restaurants that serve edible works of art. It’s the perfect place to experience living like a star or at the very least, partying like one.

6) Nepal

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At the heart of the Himalayas with My Everest soaring as its crown jewel. Also if UNESCO World Heritage Buddhist Monasteries in an Icy Wonderland sounds cool to you, you’ll love Nepal. The Trek to Everest Base Camp is one o the world’s most lauded treks and can be accomplished by almost everybody (with a little effort and a lot of layers). Chitwan National Park is often overlooked but the Elephant Rides and jeep drives are well worth the venture.

7) Ireland

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The Golden Isles are so notoriously friendly, their national holiday has spread across the globe and enticed people from all corners of the globe to indulge in a sip of Guinness Draught on St Patrick's day. Dublin is a medieval city that offers picturesque sites, historical buildings, street art, green parks and cracking live music. Whether you’re wanting to visit with family, friends or the other half, Dublin is a fun place for all. It’s also just outside of it’s coldest months with a manageable 7-10 degree temp.

8) Jamaica

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Jamaica is a vibrant and kaleidoscopic paradise, where picture-perfect, palm-tree-lined beaches merge with stunning turquoise waters; soaring mountains slope into lush verdant valleys, and glistening rivers cascade into scenic waterfalls. The weather is incredibly consistent this time of year with the lows around 81 and the highs around 84, making it pleasant without being too hot. The island is also small enough to easily see all of it with the capital Kingston, Port Antonio and Negril being the most iconic places to visit.

9) New Zealand

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New Zealand has one of the deepest lists of Bookitlist activities of any country in the world. Swim with Dolphins. Walk on Glaciers. Bungy Jump over iconic scenery. Go Whale Watching. Black Water Rafting (yes you read that correctly). If you are someone who wants not just pretty pictures, but unforgettable experiences, then New Zealand is for you. With it being the shoulder season you should also see fairer prices and fewer tourists.

10) Croatia

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As if the gorgeous craggy coastline and warmer temperatures weren’t enough to lure you to Croatia, the oyster festival just outside of Dubrovnik takes place with some of the freshest shellfish and sumptuous wine in the world. For some time out on the waters head to the Dalmation Islands for a cruise. Kornati national park is also one of the best places on earth to go sailing. For fishing villages and family breaks Croatia is a special visit during March.

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