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Nairobi Kenya To Stone Town Zanzibar

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Ultimate East Africa: Mountains & The Masai Mara Photos

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What's Included?

  • 2 CEOs (Chief Experience Officers) as head guide/cook and driver.
  • 22 Days Breakfast - 14 Lunches - 13 Dinners
  • 23 Nights Accomodation
  • Wildlife safari drives in Masai Mara National Reserve
  • Safari in Lake Nakuru National Park
  • Guided Mountain Gorilla Trek In Bwindi With Permits
  • Entrance and Chimpanzee Tracking In Kalinzu Forest Reserve
  • Tea Plantation Visit
  • Entrances and Wildlife Safari Drives in Serengeti National Park and in Ngorongoro Crater
  • Stone Town Orientation Walk
  • All Transport Between Destinations and Activities



Day 1 Arrival

On day 1 we'll prep for an early day 2 by checking into the hotel and meeting our tour group. The group CEO will help you settle in and give details on the adventures ahead. The evening will be toasted with a meal and drinks, so you're fully recharged and ready to go on the Safari of your dreams.


Day 2-4 Masai Mara/Lake Nakuru National Park

Our adventure begins with an epic journey through the legendary Great Rift Valley en-route to one of the world's most revered national parks in Kenya's foremost national park. Day 2's evening will provide a fantastic opportunity to spot the "big five", as this habitat is teeming with exotic wildlife in their natural environment.

On day 3 let the sounds of the bush be your alarm clock, as day breaks over the lush surroundings. Set off in search of Lake Nakuru, fame for it's generous flocks of pink flamingo, and numerous other birds of paradise. We'll also be covered surrounding domains to spot rhino's and other majestic mammals of the African bush.


Day 5-6 Lake Nakuru National Park/ Eldorest/ Kampala

We wake up luck to spend another day on the "soda lakes" of Lake Nakuru with millions of pink flamingo calling the alkaline shores home. However these pretty magenta hued birds are not the only rare species you'll find with chances of spotting black and white rhinos, impalas, buffalo and even the stealthy leopard.

Day 6 will see us cross the border into Uganda to further spread our safari wings and capture even more legendary photos and wildlife adventures. By late afternoon we'll arrive in Kampala and setup camp for the night in the spiritual home of the Silverback Gorilla.


Day 7 Kampala / Lake Bunyonyi

It's not everyday you cross the equator in a Lando in search of the world's most treasured wildlife species! However that is what today will entail as we venture forth towards Lake Bunyonyi. Translating to "place of many little birds", it's no surprise the bird spotting is some of the best in the world. The lake plays host to almost 30 islands and is hemmed in by steep hillsides not dissimilar to the rice fields of Asia. Unlike most of East Africa's lakes, Lake Bunyonyi is hippo and crocodile free, making swimming through it's crystal waters an anxiety free affair!

Bil Gorilla Encounter

Day 8 Gorrila Trek

Today provides the opportunity to tick off a truly special bucket list experience. Often seen as the pinnacle experience for wildlife lovers, trekking with gorilla's in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park is a fairy tale moment that will live forever in the minds and hearts of those lucky enough to participate. This hike will have you quickly engulfed in the dense sage green jungles and volcanic forests that are alive with the sounds of thousands of species sharing the thick forest floor and cryptic canopy. The treks can be fairly long so be prepared to drink plenty of water and build up a healthy sweat. We share more than 98% of our DNA with these gentle giants, and there is a distinct and almost familiar atmosphere when sitting so close to families of silverback in their natural habitat.


Day 9 Lake Bunyonyi

We head back to the lucious Lake Bunyonyi near the border of Rwanda. There's a plethora of activities to engage in on the misty banks of the azure waters of Lake Bunyonyi with: swimming, canoeing, bird watching, motorboat rides or peaceful hikes around the banks.


Day 10 Lake Bunyonyi/ Kalinzu Forest Reserve

Northern corners call as we meander through the rural countryside of Uganda culminating with our arrival in the spectacular Kalinzu Forest Reserve. The forest houses over 400 species of trees and a staggering 378 species of bird that stitch songs across the breadth of the canopy. The real attraction is the famed chimpanzee trekking with more than 300 simian companions calling the Kalinzu Forest Reserve home. There's also baboons, blue monkeys and red tailed colobus monkeys.


Day 11 Kalinzu Forest Reserve/ Lake Mburo National Park

After a morning trekking with the chimpanzees we'll be heading off for an educational and eye opening excursion to a tea plantation. Learn about the roots of the world's favourite hot drink and come to connect with the locals who lovingly grow it. In the evening we'll set off for Lak Mburo where you have options between exploring the local area on foot or to take an evening boat cruise along the lake.


Day 12 Lake Mburo National Park / Jinja

It's time to zip back across the equator in Uganda with a pit stop at charity fuelled eatery the Equation Cafe. Once we've sampled the unique delicacies of Uganda, we'll continue towards Jinja.


Day 13 Jinja

Today is a day for those who are bursting with energy having been inspired by the playful nature of the chimpanzees and other boisterous wildlife. We have an array of fun activities to partake in with mountain biking or rafting down the White Nile River. For a slower pace, you could try shopping at the local market.


Day 14 Jinja/Eldoret

After a rigorous Day 13, use day 14 to rest and restore your energy whilst we transit to Eldoret in Kenya. You've got ample time to catch up on sleep, or swamp your instagram feed with stunning wildlife photos that look like they've come straight out of the National Geographic archives. By nightfall we'll be ready for a night out in Eldoret.


Day 15 Eldoret/ Nairobi

With a fun night of drinks and story swapping in Eldoret, we're ready to head to Nairobi after completing our first 2 weeks of epic Safari adventures. Take a nap in the Lando until we arrive, and then enjoy the evening/night in the bustling capital of Nairobi.


Day 16 Nairobi / Arusha

It's been an epic journey but we still have some world famous sites to see. Today we'll hop in a shuttle and cross the vast planes of the Maasai to Arusha, Tanzania, where we'll be blessed with epic views of the awe inspiring Mount Kilamanjaro.


Day 17 Arusha / Serengeti National Park

After witnessing the epic Mount Kilamanjaro first hard, today we encounter what is the quintessential, single most iconic safari experience the world over. You've read about it in books and watched documentaries about this dreamlike destination for wildlife enthusiasts, this is the Serengeti. Expansive bronze plains pricked with thorny acacia trees and rivers teeming with Africa's most deadly mammal, the hippopotamus. Today marks the beginning of a 3 day adventure in the Serengeti and the epic Ngorongoro Crater, home of the big 5.


Day 18 Serengeti National Park/ Ngorongoro

Be sure to rise nice and early to soak up the last sunrise we'll see in the verdant grassland Savanah of the Serengeti before moving onto the Ngorongoro Conservation Area. The crater rim makes for a vast and unique perch to view the seemingly eternal fauna and wildlife below. 8 extinct shield volcdanoes can be found dotted throughout the Ngorongoro conservation area, adding a sense of ancient mysticism. We'll set up camp on the fringe of the crater rim and enjoy sunset with birds eye views of one of the most sought after wildlife exhibitions in the world.


Day 19 Ngorongoro/ Arusha

After spending an evening perched over the pristine nature of Ngororngoro, we will now get our hands dirty and put boots to ground as we descend into what has been justly coined "Africa's Garden of Eden". The crater rim has served as mother natures geological fence, helping the area develop it's own ecosystem complete with swamps, acacia forests and the life giving Lake Makat.

You will without question see enough rare species to fill several digital camera's to the brim with astonishing wildlife photographs. As the day draws to a close we'll make our way back to Arusha, as you recant stories and exchange pictures with your group companions along the way.


Day 20 Arusha/ Dar es Salaam

As day breaks we'll swiftly set out past the collosal Mt Kilimanjaro as we head towards Dar es Salaam. The Tanzanian countryside offers views of the cerulean waters of the Indian ocean. Dar es Salaam was born from humble fishing village roots, but soon began to grow into the 5 million strong city it is today when it became a port and hub of trade around 1887. We will bed down in a hotel for the night and have many options for the evening from a night out drinking and dancing, to perusing various museums and markets.


Day 21 Dar es Salaam/ Stone Town

It's been 3 weeks of epic adventures, wildlife filled watering holes, tantalising trekking and more photo opportunities than you can shake a DSLR at, so it's time for some much needed rest and relaxation.

The morning will see us find our way onto a Ferry headed directly for the golden sands and azure waters of Zanzibar, first stopping off in Stone Town.


Day 22-23 Zanzibar Beach Resort

Roll out of bed this morning in Stone Town and explore the heart of Zanzibar. Wander the winding historic unpaved alleyways of Stone Town passing by balconies and gigantic wooden carved doors along the way.

Get lost and spend hours exploring the streets and squares, drinking potent coffee from pavement vendors and buying sweetmeats from tiny cafes. Keep an eye out for tinga-tinga paintings, antique shops, beautifully printed cloths (kangas and kikois worn by local people), little carved chests with copper inlays, and spices – all beautiful presents or memories to take home. Transfer to the tropical haven of Jambiani for a relaxing few days as a group.


Day 24 Stone Town

Your most difficult task today is going to be pulling yourself away from the beauty that surrounds you in Jambiani. Travel back to Stone Town on the other side of the island and explore the heart of Zanzibar.

The tour ends in the late morning.

Create Your Own Custom Safari

Want to customise your safari experience to make the most of it? We understand! If you're dreaming of an adventure but have some specific details in mind, perhaps a private group booking to keep things intimate or an additional set of activities to keep you entertained, let our travel experts curate a custom package for you and your motley crew!

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There are some high-altitude hikes or more strenuous activities, but accessible to most healthy travellers.

Nairobi, Kenya is the first port of call. You'll be given exact location upon booking.

Our CEOs (chief experience officers) will ensure you're never left behind and any assistance or breaks you need will be accounted for.

This is an intimate, small group experience; Max 22, avg 18.



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