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4 nights

Devon, United Kingdom

£ 949
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What's Included?

  • 4 Night Stay In Gorgeous Period Tudor Property
  • WiFi-less zone with no online distractions
  • Phone vaults that will stop you from distracting YOURSELF!
  • Pet friendly accommodation with resident house dog for company
  • Morning dog walks
  • Meditation & Mindfulness Classes Based On Scientific Approach To Stress Reduction
  • Free Parking
  • Peaceful Lounge Area With Log Fires For Cosy Evenings
  • Cooking Classes
  • Countryside Bike Ride
  • Optional Yoga & Gym Classes
  • Day trip to Lydford Gorge to Bath In Nature



Day 1 - Arrive - Briefing - Sunset Yoga & Evening Meal

Upon arrival it's time to unplug and hand your phone's over. We'll place them in a vault and you'll be able to access them should you NEED to but the goal is to unplug from the dopamine inducing notifications we're spammed with on a daily basis.

Our guides will talk you through the goals and intentions of the retreat, a little information about the excursions and activities and answer any questions you might have. As the day begins to draw to an end we'll work out the lose knots and dip our toes into a little yoga (nothing too taxing).

After working out the kinks and relaxing into our new period Tudor home, we'll have a hearty feast and enjoy our first evening untethered to distraction factory of our phone screens. Share stories in front of an open log fire and enjoy the simple things in life.


Day 2 -Morning Yoga/Dog Walk - Meditation Session - Cooking Class -

We start the day bright and early with a tail wagging walk through the gorgeous Devonshire countryside. You may notice already you slept easier and rose naturally with the sun (thanks to the resetting of your circadian rhythm without screens).

If you're feeling up for it, after taking the local house dog around maybe try some down dog with our morning yoga session. You don't need to be flexible or spiritual by any means, it's just a good way to relieve tension and tightness in the body, which naturally leads to a more relaxed mind.

After our morning activities and lunch we'll have our first meditation session. This will include some specific practices and tools that will help you when you return home to reduce stress and maintain a robust and level mind to operate at your peak performance consistently.

All of that walking, stretching and meditating has probably worked up your appetite, so let's head to the kitchen for a cooking class where we'll learn how to make English classic dishes from scratch to wow guests at your next dinner party.


Day 3 - Morning Yoga/ Dog Walk - Day Trip To Lydford Gorge - Evening Rural Bike Ride

After our second night of natural sleep, without the intervention of blue lights from screens and digital distractions, you'll likely feel more well rested than your usual sleep pattern allows for. Our morning will begin with the customary Dog Walk/ Yoga session. You can partake in both or neither, if you'd rather drink a coffee and read a book in the scenic Devon countryside that works for us.

After breakfast we'll head out for some nature bathing in the idyllic Lydford Gorge with a peaceful amble past Whitelady Waterfall. Extended walks in nature without devices has been proven to reduce stress and anxiety to such an extend, it's now being prescribed as an alternative to more side effect causing pharmaceutical measures.

In the evening before the sun sets we'll take advantage of the Spring sunset window with a bike ride around the local area past lakes and rolling hills. The blend of exercise induced endorphins and the Devonshire sunset is a wonderful experience that can remind us the best things in life truly are free.


Day 4 - Morning Yoga/ Dog Walk - Meditation Session - Orienteering Exercise - Evening Board Game Marathon

Our last full day will start with he walk and yoga routine we've now established. For those who want a different slant on the morning, we'll provide insight into the local surrounding attractions and walks that may be of interest.

We'll then dive right into a meditation session after we've had time for breakfast to settle. Here we'll recap and add to the tools we instilled on Day 2's meditation session and leave you with practical means to keep your stress low and productivity high, long after the retreat is over.

Our afternoon will be a test in spacial awareness, and terrain covering savvy with our team based orienteering exercise. With sat-navs and google maps people can struggle finding their own high street if it requires taking more than 1 or 2 backstreets, but navigating the land is part of our DNA. They'll be no relying on an app in this session, you'll be given the bare minimum and you and your team of crafty navigators will depend on your wits! May the best team win.

After a sumptuous evening lunch we'll begin a night practicing the ancient lost art of boardgames! We can celebrate with a glass or our favourite IPA or glass of wine, enjoy some snacks by the crackling log fire, and exchange anecdotes and stories as we see who is not only digitally detoxed, but who is a board game champion.


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Anyone who is looking to lower stress, improve wellbeing, and equip themselves with tools and tactics that will keep their stresses at bay and their productivity and creativity flourishing.

This retreat is during May, but there is no bad time to focus on your health and wellbeing with a our digital detox retreats. If you're looking for something another time of year, just contact us at admin@bookitlist.co and we'll get back and help you find the trip that fits your every need.

That's no problem. This isn't a dog lovers getaway, we just have a friendly house dog that we take for walks in the morning. And of course if you are a dog person you're welcome to bring your fury friend, but the dog walks and head patting are optional, you'll be not be buried amid chew toys!

Not at all, the walks and bike rides are all done at a leisurely pace, and the yoga will be customised to fit your experience and fitness level. Everything here is manageable, even for those who are inactive.


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