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Oslob Visit The Philippines (Finding The Secret Waterfall) Coron Kawasanfalls

What's Included?

  • Accomodation In Authentically Filipino Beachside Hotel
  • Several Night Stay In Traditional Filipino Beach Huts
  • All transport Included
  • Awesome Tour Guide With Intimate Knowledge Of Filipino Culture
  • 13 Days Worth Of Awesome Advenures
  • Tour Of World's Oldest Chinatown
  • Waterfall Excursions
  • Canyoneering Adventure In Moalbaol
  • Snorkerling The Sardine Rune
  • Coron To El Nido Boat Expedition
  • Traditional Pinoy Hilot Healing Massage
  • Puerto Princess Underground River
  • Traditional Filipino Boodle Fight Farewell Banquet



Day 1 - Arrive In Manila

Metro Manila is the densely packed and culturally rich capital of The Philippines. On day 1 we'll meet our group leaders and head out to Binondo for an awesome street food tour around the world's oldest and first ever Chinatown outside of mainland China.


Day 2 - Siquijor Island

At day break we'll enjoy a traditional 'Silog' style breakfast and head to Siquijor, a turquoise watered oasis. After dropping of our bags we'll head straight to Paliton beach to witness the glorious Pinoy sunset scatter golden rays across the water as it sinks beneath the ocean lined horizon. Maganda naman... (truly beautiful).


Day 3 - Cambugahay Falls - Lugnason Falls - Salagdoong Cliff Jump

Todays activities begin with a natural phenomenon so surreal, nobody will believe your Instagram doesn't have a dozen filters exaggerating it's colours. The teal waters here pop with a vibrancy rarely seen in nature and the combination of 3 stunning waterfalls, leading into one another, complete with rope swings and pools at the bottom of each is a remarkable site to behold. Tick off a bookitlist classic by standing beneath a tropical waterfall!

Next we'll head a bit more off the beaten trek with a short hike through the jungles to bring you to Luganson Waterfall. More discrete than it's famous neighbour, but every bit as enchanting.

As we've already taken a refreshing plunge or two, why not take things up a level, or rather up 10 metres and cliff jump in one of the most stunning coasts in all of South East Asia near Salagdoong Beach Resort. Crystal clear waters and white knuckles, the perfect combination.

After all of the thrills and spills, we'll head to White Beach to relax with a refreshing buko (coconut), cocktail or local Red Horse beer to toast the sunset!


Day 4 - Moalboal

Today we head forth to Moalboal on the west coast of Cebu, the Philippines second major hub after Manila. Moalboal is a small but lively resort with a craggy coastline and strangers were familiar smiles. Our adventure for today will be the awesome Kawasan Waterfalls for some andrenaline infused water plunging canyoneering action. Don't just witness the falls and deep azure pools, dive over and through them.


Day 5 - Snorkel The Sardine Run!

The Philippines is officially touted as having the most marine biodiversity of anywhere in the world, and it's charming coastal stretch of Moalboal is famous in particular for the Sardine Run. Schools of sardine that create dark lucid clouds one moment, and a vortex of shiny scales the next minute are an unforgettable slice of marine wildlife to dive alongside. Divers from all corners of the globe are attracted to these very waters to witness the hypnotic dance of the Sardine Run.


Day 6 - Oslob, Swimming With Whale Sharks

Just a short stretch away from Moalboal lies the equally quaint coastal resort of Oslob. The marine life that made this town famous are of a completely different scale! Whale Sharks can be found in huge numbers in these transparent waters, and swimming alongside these majestic mammals is a magical experience.


Day 7 - Coron & Hot Springs

We bid farewell to the craggy coastlines and snorkelling adventures and welcome an even more dramatic and tropical seascape to our adventures. After setting off early to arrive in Coron, we'll head out in the afternoon to hike up the unspoiled Mt Tapyas and overlook the postcard perfect Coron bay.

Unwind from the trek with a dip into the Hot Springs of Maquinit.


Days 8 & 9 - Coron To El Nido Boat Expedition

Today we set off on a sea faring expedition from Coron to El Nido. Rather than just taking a large industrial ferry and being bored a few hours we're going to take the scenic route. Visiting desert islands, snorkelling rich waters with turtles coasting by, interacting with local tribesmen and admiring this part of the world for what it is, an unhindered unmodernised slice of paradise.

There's no need for Netflix when the night stars are putting on a show. We'll bed down in traditional Filipino huts and return to our roots, with fresh seafood and good company. This is off-the-grid life, without distractions and notifications, without ordering food not knowing where it came from, without the disconnect of four walls. Enjoy paradise how it was intended to be enjoyed, the natural way.

Go To The Philippines (El Nido)

Day 10 - El Nido - Beach Sunset Yoga

As we wave goodbye to our sea voyage and return back to more modern land, El Nido will be our new port of call and home for a few days. One of the world's most famous beaches, largely thanks to it's lack of easy access, meaning it too is as unspoiled as it's neighbouring beaches... El Nido is a peaceful oasis that has to be seen to be appreciated. The reggae bars vibes seem to sync with the lapping ocean tides and there's a tranquillity here that will have you reminiscing for years to come. We'll also have an evening Yoga Session on the beach to really help unwind and appreciate our surroundings.

El nido

Day 11 - Hilot Healing Massage & Chill

Hilot is an ancient Filipino technique of healing, used to relieve tension, improve circulation and speed up the recovery of injuries. Identifying pressures points and then working out the tension using light to medium strength strokes using coconut oil. What a way to unwind. The rest of the day is yours to spend as you wish.


12 - Puerto Princessa Underground River & Farewell Boodle Fight Banquet

We set off early for a trip to the islands hub of Puerto Princessa. After dropping our bags we'll head to Sabang Wharf and board a pump boat into the mouth of the the cave. After seeing the abundance of wildlife including lizards and monkeys, we'll paddleboat to the world famous underground river. Dubbed as one of the new 7 wonders of the world, the habitat is an ethereal, picturesque underground river through undulating jagged caves that reflect the azure hues of the water like darkened mirrors. A spectacular last activity on our adventures.

Tonight we'll engage in one of the coolest traditional culinary offerings the Philippines has to offer, the boodle fight! Despite the name no food is thrown around the table, instead a stream of traditional dishes are grilled and served across a long banana leaf lined trestle table. Everyone eats with their hands and picks and chooses what they fancy!

Plane Window

Day 13 - Grab Your Pasalubong & Depart

A pasalubong is the Tagalog (filipino) word for souvenir. There's plenty of cool handicrafts and trinkets you would've stumbled across along the way, but if you've been too busy having fun to notice, this is your last chance to take home some cool gifts to remember your trip by!

Personalise Your Pinoy Adventure

The Philippines is a slice of tropical nature unlike any other. If you're dreaming of an adventure like this (or something else comes to mind), our travel experts will curate a custom package for you, making every detail bespoke from duration of the journey to activities and unique accommodation choices you'll struggle to find elsewhere!

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It is not compulsory you take out insurance as our adventure whilst thrilling, is not particularly dangerous. However normal travellers insurance to cover cameras and belongings is still recommended.

Requirements may vary and can change at any time. No vaccinations are currently required if you travel directly from the United Kingdom. You may want to do your own research and get vaccinated or take malaria tablets but the risks are relatively low.

Visa's are not required for UK residents landing in the Philippines as you're given a 30 day visa on arrival.

The Philippines currency is the PHP - Filipino Peso and converts at around £1 = 67 pesos. You can withdraw at an ATM in Manila but you will likely incur international charges for it. It's recommended you withdraw 15,000 pesos in Manila so you're not in need of an ATM on a remote island later on.



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