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Watch WWE Wrestling

Get ready to see your favourite wrestler lay the smackdown. With spandex, fireworks, all the drama of a soap opera and big hulking athletes flying from the top rope.

Nothing Like A Good 'Ol Fashioned Slobber-Knocker!

The most iconic organisation in professional wrestling the WWE have, over the years featured the world’s most renowned and celebrated stars from Hulk Hogan and The Undertaker, to modern greats like John Cena and Randy Orton!

To this day they continue to dominate the market with their extravagant action-packed events, which are held throughout the year in cities across the globe!

Where To Stay for WWE London

Our Pick

Monday Night RAW London

In May 2021, WWE’s iconic Monday Night Raw, comes to London’s 20,000-capacity O2 arena, (formerly the Millennium Dome) and will offer UK fans the rare opportunity to watch some of wrestling’s biggest and most charismatic stars go head to head!


Other WWE Events To Watch Live

Undertaker Custom Trip

If you don't want a stand trip, why not Undertaker custom tour on us! We'll help you pick your ideal travel options, accommodation, activities and excursions for no extra coast. So you can do the billionaire strut like Vince McMahon and enjoy the custom experience you deserve.

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No, children of all ages are welcome though under-16s must be accompanied by an adult.

WWE events usually last for between 2 and 4 hour.

No, most venues such as the O2 won’t allow you to bring food and drink in with you unless it’s for specific religious or medical reasons.


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