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Take Part in Operation Raleigh

Give back with a sustainable approach to natural resource management, job creation schemes, water and sanitation projects and youth development.

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Give back with a sustainable approach to natural resource management, job creation schemes, water and sanitation projects and youth development.

Raleigh International aim is to create lasting change through youth. They operate in some of the world's poorest countries working alongside local organisations and communities to deliver solutions to the major problems of today.

Those who join their volunteer programs have the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to develop their skills on an adventure trek, create real and lasting change, working with local people on a community project, or help combat the biggest challenge of our day on an environmental project, all whilst experiencing new places and cultures in a unique and sustainable way.

Where to volunteer

One of the most beautiful and fascinating countries on the planet, Tanzania is an awe-inspiring blend of diverse cultures and spectacular landscapes.
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This beautiful Central-American gem is a truly captivating place, home to colourful, historically rich cities, towering volcanoes, picturesque beaches, and vast tropical forests.
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Characterised by awe-inspiring natural beauty, Nepal is a uniquely captivating land, dominated by the rugged landscapes of the Himalayas and home to the highest peak on earth.
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Our Pick

Costa Rica

One of the most beautiful and biodiverse countries on the planet, Costa Rica is a breathtaking blend of scenic valleys, striking volcanoes, stunning coastlines and luscious forests brimming with kaleidoscopic flora and fauna.

Although the country is one of the wealthiest in Latin America, major inequalities still exist, with the indigenous groups who make up 2.5% of its population, routinely excluded from political, social and economic developments. They experience higher rates of malnutrition, disease and immortality across all ages than the rest of the population, and illiteracy rates of around 30% compared to 3.5% for the rest of the country.

Raleigh International has been working with communities in Costa Rica for two decades, across all provinces, including remote indigenous territories in the south, and in the highland jungles of Chirripó,

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Yes, if you're aged 17-24 you can join as a volunteer. Those aged 25 – 75 can apply for a volunteer manager role.

Expeditions last for 10 weeks, 7 weeks or 4/5 weeks.

Yes, Raleigh International are a registered charity and volunteers must fundraise in order to secure their place and to contribute to their programmes. Raleigh International offers fundraising help and support to volunteers and a limited number of bursaries are also available.

You can choose between Costa Rica, Nepal and Tanzania. Once you chose th Expedition you will then be able to give a preference on the project types, but these can not be guaranteed. So you should be expect to work on any of the projects.


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