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Go White Water Rafting - Join Bookitlist on an epic adventure!

White water = white knuckles! Grab your paddle, strap up your life-vest and battle the currents with a crew of equally daring adventurers.

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White Water Rafting

Is there a better way in the world to get wet and wild?

Unite your raft team to master the white horses of the river fiercely charging towards you to come out the other side dripping wet but full of adrenaline, a sense of pride and a belly full of butterflies in anticipation of what lies around the corner.

Few things in nature appear as wild and chaotic as fast flowing rivers crashing over rocks and sweeping away anything in their path. The pump of adrenaline and fun to be had in attempting to tame these wild beasts is hard to match.

How Can I experience this?


You can experience a taste for rafting and the thrills and fun that comes with it on a day trip or you can really immerse yourself into a multi-day rafting adventure, connect with the river nature, overcome a variety of physical and mental challenges and have an experience of a lifetime.

Whether it’s your first or one hundred and first time rafting, every river is different bringing new challenges and surprises but these are our favourites.

Our Pick

The Mighty Colorado River

The mighty Colorado River flows 1,450 miles from The Rocky Mountains through seven US and two Mexican states as well as the Grand Canyon before it reaches the Gulf of California.

The Colorado River being as huge as it is there are many rafting sites to choose from but our favourite is one that takes in wonder of the world The Grand Canyon for the obvious reason that the scenery is simply spectacular! In addition to the variety of rafting options on offer and plentiful wildlife.

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Other Rivers to Get Wet and Wild in!

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