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Go Skydiving

Freefall at a (quite literally) breathtaking 120mph, from a heart pounding height of 10,000+ feet, and enjoy a birds eye view like no other.

Photo by Nathan Towers

So why would you jump out of a perfectly working aircraft?

Because there's possibly no better adrenaline rush that's why.

Sitting on the edge of a plane is very surreal. A feeling that's very unique, you'll probably have butterflies like never before. You jump out and the feeling is exhilarating, a dump of adrenaline and sensory overload. You're as close as you'll ever be to flying.

When your chute opens, your heart stops racing and you get a euphoric rush, you'll be able to take in the entire surroundings as you glide back safely to earth.

Then probably want to go right back up to do it all again!

Our Pick

Skydive Dubai

Skydive Dubai have two drop zones, but we are just interested in the Palm DZ. The jump enables you to jump over the iconic Palm Islands and Dubai's impressive landscape. You'll catch the desert, the city and the Palm island all in one go for a simply unique experience.

You'll jump from 13,000ft and freefall at 120mph. This is mainly for Tandom only, as to jump solo you need 1,000+ jumps in your log book!

From £449
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