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The wee neighbour of the Scottish Highlands, this rocky North atlantic set of islands are perfect for hikers and bird watchers to escape to an untarnished natural landscape.

Photo by Ben Tatlow

Europe's Best Kept Secret

This remote volcanic archipelago is situated in the North-Atlantic, between Iceland and Norway,

Faroe Islands boasts an array of beautiful landscapes, from rugged coastlines to dramatic waterfalls, striking mountain ranges, grand fjords, and quaint, colorful villages; yet despite its natural beauty and laid-back charm, it remains untouched by mass-tourism.

Where To Stay In The Faroe Islands

Our Pick

Our Pick

Immerse yourself in Faroese culture in the capital city of Tórshavn; tour the Vestmanna bird cliffs by boat; visit the quaint village of Tjornuvik with its views of the striking ‘Giant and the Witch’ rock formations, and experience traditional Faroese music and dance in the village of Gjogv.

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Things to do in the Faroe Islands


If you're from the EU or the UK you won't need a visa to visit the Faroe Islands.

June through August is the most popular time to visit. The weather is a little warmer and the days are longer.

Not really. The more hiking you intend to do of course it benefits you to be in decent shape but the natural splendour is what's most majestic about the Faroe Islands so anyone with a pair of working eyes can enjoy all the country has to offer.


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