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The home of Pizza, the birthplace of the Roman Empire, and a country rich in history, art, architecture and culture.

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A few words about Italy

Italy, the home of Pizza and Lasagna, the birthplace of the Roman Empire, home to one of the 7 wonders and a country rich in history, art, architecture and culture.

This European Country has the Mediterranean Sea to the East West and South, and the Alps in the North bordering France, Switzerland, Austria and Slovenia. From the boutique fashion of Milan laced with Versace stores to the architectural prowess of Florence and Alpine serenity of Lake Como, Italy is a must visit slice of Mediterranean heaven.

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Italiano Espresso 10 Day Tour!

10 days of la dolce vita, pronto. This one is pure Italian travel, covering all the big bucket-list destinations of Venice, Florence & Rome, plus the smaller charms of Pisa, Verona, and Siena. We'll ooh and aah over antipasto & chianti, dine on regional specialties in local trattorias, boat through the canals and islands of Venice, and explore the architecturally magnificent city of Florence. Expect comfy hotels and plenty of world-famous espresso & pizza on the way.

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The spring between April-June and or fall September-October for moderate temperatures and relatively clear skies ahead.

Food is everything in Italy, so avoid these faux pas. No cappuccino after breakfast, dinner starts around 7:30pm or after and don't tip at the restaurants it's not part of the culture.

We'd recommend doing at least 2 different regions of Italy in a week or fitting 3 in if you're there for a fortnight or longer. For Rome - Florence and Venice 3 days is enough to see most of it's majesty. Stay for a few extra days wherever floats your Gondola most.


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