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A relatively young and upbeat country built from the joint effort of Malay, Chinese and Indian influence.

Photo by Larry Teo

A few words about Singapore

Singapore is just one of just 3 surviving city states in the world with the Vatican and Monaco.

What it lacks in size it makes up for diversity and sophistication. Singapore’s Bukit Timah Nature reserve is a perfect example of the local diversity as it houses more species of tree than the North American continent!

Stunning restaurants, theme parks and a wonderfully efficient and smooth transit system Singapore offers lots of variety without the long agonising transitions from A to B.

Singapore: Where I Call Home

By Clarence Beh

For this video, I tried to capture the feeling of being ‘home’. When asked about Singapore, I always think of the people, so vibrant and diverse but yet so willing to share each others cultures. I'm proud of call myself a Singaporean, and I'm proud to call Singapore my home.

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Where To Stay In Singapore

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Malaysia and Singapore 12 day tour

Singapore neighbours Malaysia and we believe the tying of those two countries together makes for an incredible trip.

1 company that provides this is Kuoni, with a 12 day small group tour that takes in the vibrant cities of Singapore & Kuala Lumper, and then the more relaxed parts of Malaysia such as the Cameron Highlands and Penang.

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