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What's Included?

  • Enjoy A Tokyo Bay Cruise
  • Visit Fushimi Inari Shrine
  • Learn about Washi Paper Making
  • The Art of Gold Leaf Making
  • Learn about Miso Seasoning
  • Visit Mastumoto Castle
  • Explore The Golden Temple Of Kyoto
  • Visit A Traditional Geisha House



Days 1-2 Fly To Tokyo

Fly into the spectacular neon capital of Tokyo! Settle in and use the free day to soak in the sights and sounds of a city that meshes traditional values and cutting edge technology like no other.


Day 3 - Tokyo City Tour

We'll peruse everything from the vending machine fast paced glass surfaced business districts to the winding backstreets and historical ornate temples. Climb to the panoramic observation deck of 634 metre Skytree, the world's tallest tower. We'll then head to the old district of Asakusa famous for the Senso-ji Buddhist temple. Drive past the Imperial Palace Plaza and traipse through the zen filled Hamarikyu Gardens. Tonight we'll indulge on a serene river cruise along Tokyo Bay with complimentary dinner.


Day 4 - Mount Fuji

Take Japan's famous blindingly fast bullet train to Odawara. Glide across Lake Ashie on a boat trip that culminates in panoramic views before heading onward to the Komagatake Ropeway. We'll now have the once in a lifetime Bookitlist opportunity to climb up the iconic Mount Fuji to the 5th station some 2,000 metres above (subject to weather conditions). From this epic vantage point you can gaze over the Fuji Five Lakes.


Day 5 -Matsumoto Castle

One of Japan's most important historical landmarks, Matsumoto Castle is a grand 16th-century castle that maintains it's original wooden interiors and external stonework. Once you've captured some amazing photos head forth to Takayama, dropped into the mountains of Hida, colloquially known as the Japanese Alps.


Day 6 - Explore Takiyama

Peruse the handicrafts of the locals in the Miyagawa Market along the Miyagawa River in the old town bordered by quaint traditional Japanese houses. We'll also get the opportunity to visit local museums including Kusakabe Folk Crafts Museum, Takayama Jinya and Festival Floats Museum. We'll also get to use some free time to explore the merchant town of Kamisannomachi.


Day 7 - Shirakawago and Kanazawa

Unearth rural Japans true beauty with a trip to Shirakawago, a UNESCO World Heritage-listed town with farmhouses crafted using the eye capturing gassho-zukuri architecture. Head to the verdant lands of Gokayama and learn how to make washi paper (will yours look traditional or tragic). For an extra special venture through nature we head to one of the Three Great Gardens of Japan, Kenrokuen Garden.


Day 8 - Gold Leaf Making

It's not often we get to adorn the skills of a king Midas, but this morning we'll literally try our hand at making gold leaf. Head through the Eastern Teahouse District of Higashi Chaya, where we'll visit Ochaya Shima a traditional geisha house. After this beautiful cultural activity, we'll head to "Capital for 1,000 years" - Kyoto. Teeming with temples and silk laden geisha's it's a nod towards the ancient and an ode towards tradition.


Day 9 - Explore Kyoto

We'll begin with a splendid trip to the 'temple of the peaceful dragon', Ryoanji. We'll also get to bare witness to the 'Golden Pavilion' - Kinkakuji. In the evening we'll try our hand at the art of Origami, will you make a perfect swan or fold under pressure. We'll also get to enjoy a very pertinent ceremony to Japans culture, the age old rituals of a tea ceremony.


Day 10 - Discover Nara

One of the most recognisable travel images, the Fushimi Inari Shrine is a crimson arched hallway built upon the backs of 10,000 vermilion torii gates. Next we perambulate through Nara, a charming town that remains closely tethered to it's roots and has stayed immune to modernisations and the diluting of the historical designs that make it special. Nara Park plays host to the gorgeous Todaiji Temple which we can mosey through before heading to Isuien Garden.


Day 11 - Koyasan

It's seldom you'll have the chance to combine a beautiful white snow tipped mountain range, with over 100 historical monasteries sprinkled across them like cocoa powder aloft a cappuccinos froth. The valley that hugs the peaks is said to reflect the lotus flower and bares resemblance making for a unique photo op.

Not Japans most famous mountain, but arguably it's most sacred as it serves as a beating heart of Shingon Buddhism and the resting grounds of Japans most well known Buddhist. The cemetery of Okunoin - houses 200,000 stupas and carries a sense of weight in it's atmosphere that is balanced amid it's tranquil surroundings. We'll also head out for views of Kongobuji Temple and the Garan Temple Complex.


Day 12 - Explore Osaka

For our final full day we'll begin with a trip to Osaka Castle, one of Japan's most famous landmarks and one that played an integral role in the reunification of Japan in the 16th century. Take a quick trip along the Yodogawa River and head through the culinary epicentre in Dotonbori to dine on world class Japanese dishes that are moreish beyond belief. We'll allow you some free time in the evening to examine and explore the city on your own watch.

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Day 13 - Fly Home

Fly to the UK, arriving home the same or following day

Customise Your Japanese Adventure

Our Discover Japan tour has been curated by industry veterans to ensure you absorb all there is to be found in this culturally rich excursions in the land of the rising sun. However if you've got something specific in mind and would like to customise your adventure simply get in touch and we'll customise your next trip for you.

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It is not compulsory you take out insurance, however normal travellers insurance to cover cameras and belongings is still recommended.

No visa is required to visit Japan if you are a UK national.

Japanese yen is the national currency and you may be best served exchanging some money prior to leaving, or arranging and international allowance on your account so you can withdraw abroad without charges.



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