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Go On A Golfing Holiday

Golf is an excellent workout that burns calories while promoting greater muscle mass.

The Holiday That Fits You To The Tee

For golf enthusiasts, there are few better ways to spend a holiday than on a sun-soaked fairway.

Relaxing and working on your game with other like minded travellers, and across the world, from the picturesque Mediterranean coastline of Southern Europe, the modern luxury of the Gulf, or the laid back paradisical charm of the Caribbean islands, there are a wealth of amazing golf resorts to choose from!

Our Pick

5 Day Boozy Bookitlist Golf Trip in Albufeira, Portugal

Home to myriad picturesque beaches, beautiful coastal cliff and caves, charming whitewashed towns, and a wealth of top tier courses, the Algarve, Portugal’s sun-soaked southernmost region, offers the perfect setting and conditions for a golfing holiday.

Great for fledgling iron swingers and well-seasoned drivers alike, this 5-day package gives you the opportunity to experience some of the Algarve’s best and most challenging golf courses, along with the postcard-like natural beauty, and vibrant nightlife for which it’s renowned, and with every little detail taken care of on your behalf, you can relax completely and concentrate on your game!

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Best Golfing Holiday Destinations

Dubai, UAE
An increasingly popular destination for golfing holidays, Dubai, the UAE’s largest most iconic city, boasts the perfect combination of beautiful weather, luxury accommodation, world-class facilities.
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Jerez, Spain
Situated in the beautiful Andalucian countryside on the outskirts of the historic city of Jerez (the home of Sherry) and a short drive from the Southern Spanish coastline.
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Situated on the island’s paradisical coastline, overlooking a postcard-perfect white sand beach and the azure waters of the Indian Ocean.
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St. James, Barbados
One of the Caribbean’s most beautiful and popular destinations, Barbados is renowned for its picture-perfect white (and pink) sand beaches, stunning, turquoise waters.
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Sicily, Italy
Situated on Sicily’s picturesque coastline and fringed by a myriad of orange, lemon, and olive groves.
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St Andrews, Scotland
Known as ‘the home of golf’, St Andrew’s is the oldest course on the planet, having been in operation since at least the mid-16th century.
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This is completely up to you as almost all courses offer club rental if required, though many players will prefer to bring their own.

Golf is weather dependant so really you want the forecast to be dry and sunny to play.

It all depends on how many holes are on the course but an average player spends around 4 hours playing.


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