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Go On A Cycling Holiday

For those who like to get out on two wheels and push the pace

Cycling Holidays Are Like Riding A Bike - Something You'll Never Forget

For those who like to get out on two wheels and push the pace, the modern ease of travel has turned what used to be a means to see your country into a method to seeing the world. Why would you take a dozen photos of the scenery from one vantage point when you can create an entire movies worth of images by cycling it?

When you ride through the landscape, you don't just witness it, you absorb it. The terrain can be soaked up through the same pores that you perspire from the keep cool, and the ornate details will live long in the minds and hearts of those who pedalled through it all.

Best Cycling Holiday Destinations

The French Alps
The Alps need no introduction, but this is an even more spectacular way of viewing them pumped full of endorphins.
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Our Pick

Stunning Villa Cycling Tour Of Mallorca

Bookitlist's very own cycling tour has been designed and built by experienced cyclists with over a dozen years experience EACH in this mountainous region of Spain. Rest and recover in this 5 star villa and float away your doms in the private pool. If you're feeling like you've earned a glass of red or white, the on site vineyard has an offering for every palette, making this the perfect getaway destination for scenic cycling routes, and reinvigorating rest in a luxurious setting.

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More Awesome Cycling Destinations

Scotland North Coast 500
The Scottish Highlands carry equal amounts of mist, myth and marvel. It's untamed beauty is a rugged reminder of how perfect Mother Nature can become if left unhindered.
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Why walk in others footsteps? You and your friends are a unique bunch so there's no use just "re-cycling" someone elses stories when you can write your own. Let our travel experts create a bespoke adventure for you today!

Make My Trip


The beauty is there are cycling holidays for all fitness levels. Meandering a dozen miles leisurely through the Lake District is not by any means arduous, but grinding through hairpin climbs in the Alps certainly can be. Chose the one that suits your needs best.

As with all travel it's wise to get insurance but that doesn't mean cycling is dangerous is the same manner as bull riding or deep sea cave diving. It's just good common sense practice to take out insurance in case of injury or accident.

Again this varies to some degree depending on the package. However most holidays provide your bike, accommodation and some food. Just be sure to double check the itinerary before booking.

Again this is tour dependant. Some groups of experienced riders prefer to lead themselves and set the pace. Others appreciate the comfort of a professional rider taking the lead. That's why we offer options and variety, so you can find the adventure that helps you write the best story for yourself.


From the Community


3-day Cycling Trip taking in the Lake District and Yorkshire Dales

By Damien Jones

If you are into your Cycling, and, cycling up some very steep hills, then a trip to the Lake District or the Yorkshire Dales should be right up there on your bucket list.

If there was anything good to come out of the summer lockdown situations of 2020, for me it was the formation of a new cycling club based in Nottingham. After only a few months of riding together, the group of old and new friends decided on a trip away for an extended August Bank Holiday weekend.

We contacted Bookitlist, gave them our desired destination of Kendal, confirmed our dates and party size of 10, and they did the rest.

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