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Go On A Digital Detox Retreat

Unplug from the daily stressors of life and return to a holistic way of life.

Restore Your Circadian Rhythm And Rejuvinate Your Spirit

Why spend money to take a break from your daily stress, only to carry half of them around with you in your pocket? The human mind was not evolved to check a phone screen 100+ times per day, or watch screens with circadian rhythm disturbing blue ray light emissions after sunset.

Many of the causes of modern day stress, insomnia, and lack of attention is due to the over reliance we've developed on technology. With a digital detox, you can easily unplug from the technological dependence that's become commonplace, and restore healthier sleep patterns, reduce stress and anxiety and develop a more mindful approach to your daily routines resulting in a heightened sense of wellbeing.

Where To Do A Digital Detox

Our Pick

The Hideout - Koh Yao Noi

"The Land Of Smiles" is steeped in Buddhist tradition. Mindfulness and spirituality are as integral to the culture as hot weather, beach breaks and pad Thai.

Located just around the aquatic corner from the world famous James Bond Island, this WiFi-less retreat offers a open-air and electricity-free living experience on the unspoiled Koh Yao Noi island and guests will also be able to enjoy afternoons at the solar-filtered infinity pool and meals at the organic restaurant.

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This is not a digital detox prison, it's a retreat. If you need to make a serious phone call you'll be helped and assisted in doing so.

In a word, YES! There's growing evidence that heightened cases of anxiety and depression are inexorably linked to an over usage of technology, and specifically the shortening of our attention span combined with hundreds of micro doses of dopamine fixes that are given by opening our devices.

As little as 2 nights can have a profound impact on your health and well being, and we recommend anywhere from 2 nights to 2 weeks. Of course the more the merrier in regards to gaining better sleep habits and breaking the cycle of screen addiction for good.

Absolutely. The human mind has not evolved with ANY form of screens and technology. Even what can be deemed as moderate use is wreaking havoc on our circadian rhythm and more!


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