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Go Cliff Diving

The ocean is your net, now take a leap of faith!

Photo by Nikola Radojcic

Cliffhangers Don't Get Any Cooler

There are few more exhilarating and liberating experiences then leaping from a clifftop into the clear, natural waters of an ocean, lake or river

From the rugged wildernesses of Western Canada, to the paradisiacal islands of Southeast Asia, across the world, there are myriad amazing cliff diving spots to choose from!

Where To Stay Near Negril Cliff Dive

The Cliff Hotel
A combination of style, luxury and excellent service this beautiful resort is a true oasis of tranquility!
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Our Pick

Negril, Jamaica

One of Jamaica’s most popular destinations, Negril is a vibrant a vibrant and laid back resort town, home to the country’s best beaches, a 7 mile stretch of stunning white sand, fringed by the azure waters of the Caribbean. The beach’s western tip is characterized by rugged coastal cliffs, home to a range of great cliff diving spots, the most famous of which sits adjacent to the hugely popular Rick’s Cafe, and features a clear, 35-ft drop into the water below.

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Cliff Diving Locations

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Cliff diving can be dangerous and therefore it is extremely important that you never attempt it alone and also follow all warning signs and safety protocols which will usually be found on placards near the diving point.

It's much safer. From the height you drop, the skull cannot take the impact of the water so a pencil dive technique is much more appropriate.

Gravity is a potent force of nature. You descend to the water approx 9.8 metres per second.


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