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Get Splashed by a Waterfall

Your brain is a reservoir. Replenish your mind and body and let the waterfalls release the smile from within.

Splashed by a Waterfall

Our planet is home to a seemingly endless array of breathtaking natural attractions, and waterfalls are undoubtedly among the most spectacular.

From the largest and most iconic such as Victoria Falls to lesser-known gems like Cascade Langevin, across the world, there is a seemingly endless number from which to choose, and a close-up encounter with one of these natural wonders, whether from a boat, on foot, or by swimming, is always an incredible experience!

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12 Nights Philippines Islands Adventurer

Comprised of some 7,640 islands, and home to some of the most breathtaking scenery on earth the Philippines is a truly fascinating and beautiful destination where adventure is never far away.

Swim in stunning azure lagoons with whale sharks, turtles, and kaleidoscopic tropical fish; witness awe-inspiring sunsets from the sands of paradisical beaches; jump, dive and splash around in some of the world’s most beautiful waterfalls; heal your body with a traditional Filipino Hilot massage and visit an underground river: this once in a lifetime trip truly has it all!

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Argentina - Iguazu falls
Situated in the northwestern province of Misiones near the Brazilian border, Argentina’s awe-inspiring Iguazu Falls are the largest on the planet by volume.
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Victoria Falls - Zambia
The world’s largest single sheet of cascading water, the breathtaking 2KM-wide and 108 meter-high Victoria Falls is undoubtedly one of the most spectacular natural landmarks on the planet.
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Cascade de Grand Galet - Réunion
Situated in the Indian Ocean, around 143 miles from Mauritius, the tiny island of Réunion (a French overseas department), is home to a wealth of spectacular waterfalls.
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