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Visit Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam

Amsterdam can often be unfairly regarded as a centre of hedonism, but the home of Rembrandt is awash with fine art trinkets and the premium offerings are on display in the Rijksmuseum.


One of Europe’s best museums, the Rijksmuseum is dedicated to Holland’s rich arts and history and boasts an extensive collection spanning eight centuries, encompassing some of the most famous artworks of all time.

Situated in the heart of Amsterdam, in the famous Museumplein, the Rijksmuseum is housed in a beautiful period building constructed in 1885, and for lovers of arts culture and history, is a must explore when visiting the city!

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Amsterdam: Rijksmuseum and Canal Cruise Combo Tour

Explore two of Amsterdam’s best and most popular attractions, on this excellent tour.
Beginning with a canal cruise of the city’s picture-perfect waterways where you will spot a host of iconic sights and landmarks, along with an array of fascinating architecture, followed by skip-the-line entrance to the Rijksmuseum, where you will have the opportunity to wander its beautiful halls and corridors and see an array of world-famous artworks from the likes of Van Gogh and Rembrandt.

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If you want to explore the entire museum you will need around 5 hours, though it is possible to see all the main highlights in 2/3 hours.

Amsterdam is a great year-round destination, though is at its most beautiful during Autumn and late spring.

We recommend at least 3 days.

Amsterdam is one of the best connected cities in Europe and daily direct flights are available from throughout the UK through a host of airlines including British Airways, KLM, Easyjet and Ryanair.


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