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Visit a Natural Geyser

As spectacular as a waterfall that shoots from the ground up!

Photo by James Fitzgerald

Earth's Spectacular Sprinkler System

The product of subterranean volcanic activity, geysers are a unique form of hot spring that intermittently discharge spurts of water, (and often steam as well) high into the air.

Though only around 1000 geysers remain worldwide, they can be found in large numbers in specific areas of the US, New Zealand, Chile, Iceland and Eurasia, and witnessing an eruption is a truly unique, and spectacular experience!

Where To Visit A Natural Geyser

El Tatio - Chile
Situated in the heart of Chile’s northern Andean peaks, some 2 hours drive from the Atacama Desert, El Tatio is the highest geyser field on earth, as well as the largest in the Southern Hemisphere.
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Strokkur - Iceland
Due to its unique volcanic topography, Iceland is home to numerous geysers, the most famous of which, the UNESCO World Heritage-accredited.
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Pohutu - New Zealand
Situated in the heart of Whakarewarewa Thermal Valley, a large, active geothermal area near the city of Rotorua on New Zealand’s North Island.
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Our Pick

Old Faithful - USA

Wyoming’s spectacular Yellowstone National Park, boasts some of the most striking scenery in all of the USA, encompassing soaring mountain peaks, breathtaking canyons, endless evergreen forests, waterfalls and incredibly, over half of the world’s geysers! Perhaps the most famous geyser on the planet, as well as the park’s main attraction, Old Faithful was given its name due to the regularity with which it erupts, which happens around 20 times per day and often reaches as high as 180 feet!

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Other Natural Geyser Destinations

Steamboat Geyser - USA
Another one of Yellowstone’s myriad geysers, Steamboat is the largest on the planet, having produced numerous eruptions of between 300 and 400 feet in height over the years.
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Although injuries do occasionally occur, they are very rare, and as long as you follow the instructions of your tour guide you will be completely safe.

Usually between 1 and 5 minutes.

Geyser eruptions are not influenced by the climate or season, so can be visited year round.


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