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Travel to Space

As technology opens up a new frontier of travel and exploration, embark on a journey that's truly out of this world.

Photo by NASA

Outer space: an infinite and mysterious expanse filled with endless possibilities and opportunities, and a place that so many of us would love the chance to explore!

Once restricted solely to career-astronauts with years of education and training, due to the groundbreaking work of innovative companies like Space X and Virgin Galactic, commercial space travel is now a real and imminent possibility, with the first flights expected to depart earth in early 2021!

Where will space take you?

Virgin Galactic
At the forefront of off-world tourism, Virgin Galactic, the space arm of Richard Branson’s multinational conglomerate.
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Space X
Founded in 2002 by innovative-tech entrepreneur Elon Musk with a goal of reducing space transportation costs in order to eventually, enable the colonisation of Mars.
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Blue Origin
One of the major players in commercial space travel, Blue Origin was launched in 2000 by Amazon founder Jeff Bezos.
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Orbital flights generally last for a few hours, though suborbital flights could last for a number of days.

The Von Braun Station could be the first commerical space station which could begin constuction as early as 2025.

Depending on where you're going, a ticket could set you back anywhere from £200,000 to tens of millions of dollars


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