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See The Cherry Blossom Of Japan

Cherry blossoms are a symbolic flower of the spring, a time of renewal, and the fleeting nature of life.

Discover the postcard-perfect beauty of Japan's world famous cherry blossom!

Cherry blossom may be found across the world, but in no other destination does it bloom quite so prolifically and beautifully as in Japan!

The country's national flower, cherry blossom or Sakura, marks the beginning of spring and is viewed as an emblem of optimism, though it also represents the transience of nature due to the fleetingness of its existence.

Every spring, for just two weeks, parks, gardens, and woodlands across the country are transformed into a sea of pale pink, drawing in crowds from across the globe who come to revel in the beauty of this magnificent natural fresco, an activity the Japanese call 'hanami'.

Where To Stay For Cherry Blossoms In Japan

This coastal city is renowned for its historic hilltop fortress!
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Discover Japan's culture from ancient temples and cherry blossoms in a full plume to cutting-edge megacities, with this eclectic adventure across the land of the rising sun.
Our Discover Japan tour will see you exploring the most iconic sites, delving into deep-rooted culture, and dining on delicious cuisine. Ascend Japan's iconic Mt Fuji. Stop in astonishment at the incredible Mastumoto Castle. Explore the thousand-year capital of Kyoto and meander through the 10,000 red torii gates of this stunning shrine. You'll also get to visit traditional Geisha houses, partake in age-old traditional tea ceremonies and take a fine dining cruise through the Tokyo river!

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Other Cherry Blossom Destinations In Japan

Though synonymous with soaring skyscrapers, bustling neon-lit streets, and late-night noodle bars, the Japanese capital is also home to tree-lined canals and a host of tranquil parks and gardens.
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Fuji Five Lakes
Located at the base of Japan's most iconic peak, these five scenic lakes and the landscapes that surround them, are characterised by picture-perfect natural beauty.
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The surrounding Hirosaki Park is known for its thousands of cherry trees. Preserved samurai homes in the Nakamachi area include the Ito and Umeda family residences.
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Cherry blossom usually appears between mid to late March depending on the area and lasts for around two weeks.

If you're traveling from the UK, British Airways, Japan Airlines, and Virgin Atlantic operate daily direct flights from London Heathrow to Tokyo.

Although this varies depending on your destination, generally late March in Japan is mild with average daily temperatures of around 17°C

No, if you are a British Citizen or have a ‘British National (Overseas)’ passport you can enter Japan as a visitor for up to 90 days, though you may be required to provide evidence of a return or onward ticket.


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