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See The Milan Cathedral

Perfection cannot be rushed. This ornate masterpiece took almost 6 centuries to complete and it's gothic details were worth every minute of deliberation and prep.

Photo by Benjamin Voros

A Beautiful Cathedral

Milan’s Cathedral “Duomo di Milano” started being built in 1386 and took nearly 6 centuries to complete. A new canal system and thousands of workers were required to construct it, and today it stands as a dedication to the Nativity of St Mary.

This gorgeous Gothic building has a stunning architecture that you can spend hours simply admiring. The artwork doesn’t just stop with the building itself; there are several masterpieces housed inside. There are many archaeological excavations, statues and monuments to discover once beneath the roof of this grand place.

Where To Stay For Milan Cathedral

The Square Milano Duomo
Set in a historical building, The Square Milano Duomo is a 5-minute walk from Milan Cathedral, the Scala Opera House and the Vittorio Emanuele shopping area.
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Montenapoleone Suites
Montenapoleone Suites offers contemporary suites in an elegant palace in Milan, and a 10-minute walk from Milan Cathedral.
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Why Visit Duomo di Milano?


As with all cathedrals, there’s an enthralling story behind it. You’ll want to hear about it on a guided tour. But here’s a small spoiler: the small red light at the top of the altar is said to be where one of the nails from Jesus’ crucifixion lives.

This cathedral is a wonder to behold because of how contradictory it is: grand, solemn and vast whilst simultaneously delicate, airy and graceful.

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Fast-Track Milan Cathedral and Terraces Guided Tour

If you're going to see the stunning Milan Cathedral then this complete tour, with skip-the-line entrance and access to the terraces is a must do. Marvel at this stunning Gothic building, and explore the archaeological area under the cathedral. This tour also enables you access to the Duomo Museum and Gottardo Church.

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The cathedral’s rooftop is a popular reason people visit, however this means you should be prepared to queue to get up there. It’s worth it to experience things from a different perspective and get up-close-and-personal with the gargoyles.

Entry to the cathedral is free but there is a small fee to get to the roof, ranging from £12 (14EUR) to £21 (25EUR). Depending on whether you want to take the elevator, or the stairs.

The cathedral stands at 108 metres high. 11th tallest cathedral in the world.


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