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Hike A Volcano

Somewhere, around the world, there are likely about 20 active volcanoes erupting as you’re reading this.

Photo by Nurhadi Cahyono

A Conduit To The Earths Molten Roots

From West Africa to the Andes, the world is home to a wealth of breath taking volcanic peaks which are perfect for scaling on foot.

For lovers of hiking and adventure, there are few better experiences then hiking to the summit of one of the planet’s myriad of active volcanoes, and from the ash-carpeted slopes of Sicily’s iconic Mount Etna, to the otherworldly landscapes of Indonesia’s Brogo, across every continent, there are a wealth of breath taking options to choose from.

Our Pick

Mount Etna - Italy

Europe’s tallest active volcano is sandwiched between the city of Catania and the Mediterreanan sea, on Sicily’s eastern coastline, and is a truly magnificent sight to behold, with Its steep slopes bearing evidence of the lava spills from previous eruptions and its soaring ash and snow carpeted peak routinely shrouded in thick volcanic smoke.

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Other Destinations To Hike A Volcano

Volcan Acatenango - Guatemala
Situated near the beautiful, UNESCO World Heritage-accredited city of Antigua, the 400 metre high Acatenango is the most beautiful of Guatemala's myriad volcanoes.
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Mount St Helens - USA
Though the volcano remains active today, its activity is closely monitored and it is a popular destination for hikers with its summit offering stunning views of the surrounding area.
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Cotopaxi - Ecuador
At nearly 6000 metres, Ecuador’s towering Cotopaxi volcano is one of the tallest on the planet, as well as one of the most beautiful.
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Pico do Fogo - Cape Verde
At almost 3000-metres in height, Pico do Fogo, which encompasses almost the entirety of the island of Fogo, is the tallest peak in Cape Verde.
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Mount Etna - Italy
Imposing and serene, this snow-covered monster dwarfs all that surrounds it, but it also has a cultural side.
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No, it is recommended or in some cases mandatory to hire a guide, or join a group tour.

Although this may vary depending on the volcano and time of year and should therefore be checked with your guide or tour operator when booking, generally you will need to bring hiking boots or shoes, sun cream, sun glasses, a sun hat, water and snacks.

It depends on the volcano you wish to hike. As a rule of thumb they're usually a fair bit less difficult than a mountain but you'll still work up a solid sweat during the ascent.


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