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Go To Thailand

“The Land Of Smiles” is famous for its warm weather and equally warm hospitality.

A few words about Thailand

The hedonism of red light district Soi’s (streets), full of GoGo bars and “creative” uses of table tennis equipment, is balanced with a mosaic of ancient Bhuddist temples and serene rivers.

And it’s not just the natural beauty of the rivers that fascinates, you’ll see them buzzing with boats of commuting locals, teetering around floating markets and using the waterways as their public transport system.

That means there’s always a chance to get wet and wild in Thailand, even if you’re not there in time for Songkran!

Where To Stay in Thailand

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Island Hopping South Thailand Adventure

Whilst Thailand has much to offer, it’s undoubtedly it’s world class beaches and islands that bring the masses back year after year. Booking and organising the best islands, the right transfers from one island to another, and the best activities can be a pain, this awesome 8 night tour does all the hard work, so you can enjoy cocktails and pink sunsets knowing everyday brings a new adventure.

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Things To Do in Thailand

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If you're a UK resident you won't need a tourist visa as you can get a visa on arrival for a 30 day visit. You can also extend this visa whilst in Thailand for a small fee.

Yes with it's geography being in the tropical region of South East Asia and Bangkok being the hottest city in the world by mean temp, it is warm year round. But the rain can be very heavy between August -September.

You won't need vaccinations for Thailand it's one of the most visited countries on Earth and has a very low set of cases for Malaria or tropical diseases on the whole.


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