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With art, culture and more tapas than you could ever wish for, Madrid is a must visit Spanish destination.

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Mercurial Madrid Is A Must Visit....

With art, culture and more tapas than you could ever wish for, Madrid is a must visit Spanish destination.

If there’s one word to describe a city like Madrid, it’s energy. Whether that’s describing the flamboyant passion of flamenco dancing, the brightly coloured and vibrantly spiced tapas, or the bars and clubs that open until the sun comes up.

But that’s not all, with grand gardens, lakes, galleries, museums and some of the best alfresco eateries in the country, the people of Madrid know how to unwind too. Don’t just take our word for it though, go to Madrid and see for yourself…

Where To Stay In Madrid

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Madrid tapas experience and walking tour

This two-hour walking tour will take you on journey into the Spanish tradition of tapas. On your culinary adventure you’ll learn how each tapas is made, discover its origins and experience the food of the locals.

You’ll visit three traditional tapas bars in the company of an expert guide who will talk you through the origins of each dish and recommend the perfect accompanying drinks.

From £35
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Things To Do In Madrid


Beer in a local bar starts at around 3 Euros.

Spring and autumn the best as they avoid the summer rush and are warm. For a bargain visit in the winter as hotels reduce their rates.

Sangria. This is a traditional drink made from wine, brandy and fruit that is consumed by the bucket load at Spanish celebrations. Find a sunny spot, get a glass of sangria and nothing could be better.


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