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Aptly named after the Greek goddess of beauty Athena, Athens alluring history is so timeless, it still permeates modern culture to this very day.

Photo by Enric Domas

A Few Words about Athens

Love Greek mythology? Come to Europe's oldest capital, Athens, known for its many buildings named after gods and goddesses.

Athens is a lively and beautiful city that loves architecture, literature and art. Just take a look around and you’ll see for yourself ancient ruins, temples, statues and museums, filled with texts and paintings. There’s plenty to do and see in Athens, from strolling the winding streets of Plaka to admiring Parthenon, you’ll constantly be entertained.

Where To Stay In Athens

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Full Day Tour & Sailing to Agistri, Moni & Aegina

Relax and unwind on an epic day cruise to Agistri, Moni and Aegina islands where you’ll have the option to go on a bike tour around Agistri, enjoy a delicious Greek lunch and a swim or sunbathe in Moni and tour Aegina with or without your guide.

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Depending on what type of weather really ticks your boxes, you can visit Athens between April-June or September-October for sunshine and comfortable temperatures of around 20-25 degrees. Or, you can go from July-August to experience Athens in its 30s or Mar and Nov for cool temperature around 15-20.

have been known to exceed 38 degrees.

Plenty. You can enjoy a drink on a rooftop bar, eat a meze dinner, visit the historical centre, book in at the open-air theatre or check out the superclubs until the early hours of the morning.

3 days in Athens would allow you to comfortably take in the sights, shops and enjoy the Greek culture.


Athens Essentials


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