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Go to a Tennis Grand Slam - Join Bookitlist in Wimbledon!

Serving up only the world's most elite competitors in a bid to secure one of the 4 holy grails of Tennis... the grandslam!

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A Quartet Of Holy Grail Tournaments That Define Tennis

Tennis has four Grand Slam tournaments, which are historically the most prestigious events played throughout the tennis calendar.

Recent years have seen incredible duels between the likes of Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal. The matches can go on for hours, with there being some truly remarkable '5 setter' finals.

With the Grand Slams being held in some of the world's best cities, you're able to both tick off a trip to London, Paris, New York or Melbourne, with watching the best tennis on the planet.

The Other Grand Slams!

Australian Open
The Australian Open is held each year in Melbourne, it's the first Grand Slam of the year, being played in January.
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US Open
Held in New York City in August-September, this hard court game can tie in a trip to the Big Apple.
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Our Pick


Wimbledon is our favourite Grand Slam, and is the ultimate grass tennis tournament in the world. Watching a match on the famous centre court is a lifetime experience, that you don't even really need to like tennis to enjoy.

Booking a Centre Court or Court One with Gulliver's Sports Travel let's you pick the date of your choice, including the coveted Men's Singles Final .

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Ace Your Next Trip


Whilst Wimbledon is the most glamorous and coveted among them, we suggest you pick the tournament with the most appealing destination, that way you can find even more epic things to do once the last ace has been served.

You have to be fast on the ball. The links in our Grandslam suggestions above lead directly to the tournaments official website. That's the best place to get tickets to avoid 3rd party issues.

There is no formal dress code. At centre and number one courts however you'll be required to dress smart casual. No need for jackets and ties though.

In our opinion behind the baseline offers a more comfortable viewing experience, where you can see all the action clearly but aren't darting your neck back and fourth in extended rallies.


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  • The Lawn Tennis Association's official website provides official ticket portals.
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  • Using Skyscanner you can find flights for any destination that there is a tennis major.
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  • The number one website we recommend for booking your hotels for your trip.
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  • Make sure you're geared up for your trip with Amazon, your photos are going to be worth it
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