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Go on Game of Thrones Tour

Roam through Westeros in a fantasy excursion cooler than a white walker.

Photo by Pierre Bouillot

Winter Is Coming

Immerse yourself in the real life landscapes of one of the greatest TV shows of all time! One of the most watched TV shows of all time.

Game of Thrones featured 8 utterly captivating and truly memorable seasons of epic battles, sex, magic, dragons and much more!

Walled cities and fortresses, deserts, frozen lakes, glaciers, rugged peaks and much more, the show’s diversity of iconic landscapes and landmarks are truly breathtaking, and, from Northern Ireland, to Southern Spain, there is no better way to experience the ‘real’ Seven Kingdoms then by visiting one of these stunning locations.

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Game Of Thrones Iceland: Beyond the Wall

One of the most beautiful places on earth, Iceland was one of the most featured locations in the show, making frequent appearances in all but the first season, often as the wild landscapes ‘North of the Wall’.

Spectacular waterfalls, volcanic peaks, rugged, otherworldly plains, breathtaking canyons and gorges, glaciers, lakes and underground caves, the countries plethora of awe-inspiring landscapes are truly unique, and there is truly no better destination on earth.

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Yes, all locations/tours allow you to take pictures.

As most tours will involve a lot of time outdoors, we recommend choosing a time of year when the weather is dry and warm/mild.

Absolutely. It's not mandatory but it makes for some awesome photos!


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