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Drive a Snowmobile

The jet-ski of the snow, a snowmobile is actually a technical vehicle to operate with a slightly challenging skill curve. It's well worth the ride.

Photo by Dieter Metz

Fly across the snow...

Snowmobiles are like winter quad bikes, and they're great fun to ride. You can soar across snow that you’d otherwise just sink into, and add a touch of adventure to your sightseeing.

If you’re planning on finding the perfect destination to ride a snowmobile, you'll want somewhere with great scenery, and of course somewhere where snowmobiling is actually possible. You'll first be given some pointers and a brief into how to handle getting stuck (yes it happens in 3ft of snow) and other snowmobile quagmires you find yourself in. Read on for some of the best places to ride a snowmobile!

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Snowmobile Aurora Wilderness Tour - Sweden

Why not tick off two bookitlist items for the price of one! Take to the snow on your snowmobile and rip through the white powder looking for the famous northern lights. Witness magical landscapes in the wild nature surrounding Kiruna while experiencing a fun activity of driving snowmobiles. We will make stops throughout the tour so you can take photos. We will drive along the frozen Torne River, through the forest and across frozen lakes with the hope of viewing the aurora borealis.

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The 'snowmobile season' will vary in different locations, as basically you need the ground to be covered in snow. So in most places, the winter months are when you're most likely to find snowmobile experiences.

No, they serve many other functions. In remote portions of Canada and the U.S., snowmobiles are some residents' primary mode of transportation. Snowmobiles are relied upon by law enforcement units throughout the snowbelt for search-and-rescue work and emergency missions.

The rates of injury and worse are less so than regular motorcycles but insurance should be taken out as a necessary precaution.


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