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Go On A Beer Tour

Hop along, or at least merrily stagger along in a beer tour fuelled by fizz and topped off with a snack or three.

Photo by Helena Lopes

Bavarian Beer

From Prague and its delicious Pilsners, to Portland’s craft IPAs, across the globe, there are numerous great destinations for beer-lovers. A beer tour is the only real way to indulge in our favourite frothy drink.

Each boasting their own distinct specialties, and there is no better way to explore them then on a guided beer tour of their breweries, taverns and beer halls. Learn to pull the perfect pint, how to differentiate between a Pilsner and a traditional lager, why some drinks tickle your fancy and how to find the beer of your dreams moving forward. Don't just be a lager lout, be a big brained beer boss.

Our Pick

Evening of Bavarian Beer, Munich

Germany’s third largest city and the capital of the southern state of Bavaria, Munich is widely considered the world’s beer capital, and is packed to the brim with traditional Bavarian Wirtshaus’ (taverns), beer halls and breweries, whilst it’s annual Oktoberfest, is the world’s largest and most famous beer festival, attracting an incredible six million visitors to the city every year.

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Portland, USA
With the highest number of breweries per capita in the whole of the US, and an array of excellent bars and regular beer festivals.
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Beer tours take place year round, and even during peak season, prices don’t tend to rise dramatically.

Yes, beer tours are popular, and therefore you should look to book at least one week in advance of your trip.

The shortest you'll find is a 1 hour hop around a brewery, but we recommend a sturdier session with 2-4 hours of sipping, selecting and sampling the best beers around. Just be sure to plan nothing for after the tour, as they've been known to leak into ones plans long into the evening.


The World's Most Epic Beer Festival

In the heart of Bavaria, the world's biggest, best and only Oompa band sponsered beer festival is hosted annually. Lagers and Leiderhosens, Pretzels and Pilsners, hangovers and hamburgers!

Discover Oktoberfest

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