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An average male mountain gorilla can weigh 180kg (that’s almost 30 stone), and measure 170cm (over 5’5”) tall.

Walking With Gentle Giants

The largest and most powerful primates in existence, Gorillas are truly magnificent animals, as well as one of our closest mammal relatives, sharing an incredible 98% of our DNA!

Few experiences can match a close up encounter with these amazing creatures, and though they are increasingly under threat of extinction, in central Africa, large swathes of biodiverse jungle are designated as protected land, and remain home to large concentrations of both highland, and lowland gorillas!

Where To Go Gorilla Trekking

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Nicknamed ‘the land of a thousand hills’, Rwanda is a beautiful and fascinating place, home to rugged jungle covered landscapes, brimming with a spectacular array of fascinating plant and animal life.

Due to major conservation efforts, Rwanda remains one of Africa’s most biodiverse nations, and is widely regarded as the best place in the world for gorilla trekking, most notably, the Volcanoes National Park in the northwest of the country which boasts the largest concentration of endangered mountain gorillas on the planet.

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Though the activity is great all year round, in central Africa, July-September and December - February are the driest periods and therefore the best times to visit.

Yes, both lowland and highland gorillas live in highly biodiverse habitats, and it is therefore inevitable that you will spot a wealth of other wildlife on your trip.

No, central Africa’s gorillas live in areas of protected land and will come into contact with rangers and guides on a regular basis and are therefore very comfortable with the presence of humans.

Yes, although this can vary depending on the location, the terrain can be difficult and therefore a decent level of physical fitness is required.


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