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Drink Guiness in Dublin

Originaly crafted as a means of avoiding beer tax by the English, Irelands smooth velvet headed ebony stout is the stuff of legend.

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Does Guinness Taste Better in Dublin?

Guiness distinct black colour (although the company claims it to be a dark ruby red) is as synonymous with Ireland as a four leafed clover. Guinness uses roasted malted barley which gives it it's distinct colour and holds the crown of smoothest froth or "head" of any beer/stout in the world.

Thanks to the unique texture of the head, and fine gas content that avoids the usually bubbles of a lager. it's every bit as smooth as sipping liquid velvet. Visiting the Guinness Storehouse in Dublin, you'll be able to in their own words "Explore the story of Guinness before taking in the views of Dublin from the Gravity Bar while enjoying the perfectly poured, perfectly chilled pint of Guinness included in your ticket."

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Guinness Uncovered Official Tour

The Guinness Storehouse is an epic tour over 5 floors that tell the history of the drink, and give context to every note in it's distinct flavour. Learn how to pour the perfect pint of Guinness for yourself. Be given an hour with a beer specialist who will guide the tasting session with Guinness favourites and some new experimental beers from the Guinnness Open Gate Brewery. You'll even get a table reserved for you on the 5th floor restaurant with sprawling views of the city!

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The tour lasts just over an hour but you'll be best served to take a few hour slot from your day so you can enjoy some refreshments and nibbles afterwards.

Our closing time from Sunday to Thursday is at 19:00 with the last admission at 17:00. Our closing time from Friday to Saturday is at 21.30 with the last admission at 20.00.

Free parking is a short walk away on Crane Street. It is offered on a first come, first serve basis. Parking on Market Street is reserved for coaches.


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Dublin is a bubbly town (not just due to the beer), with a vibrant, talk to strangers attitude and a history that's as charming as it's local accent.

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