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Complete an Ironman

The hardcore sibling of the triathlon.

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Because Everyone Can Finish A Marathon

Take on this epic, cross-terrain challenge in one of these amazing locations across the world! Anyone who can finish an ironman standing is more of a superhero than Tony Stark in our eyes.

One of the most challenging single-day races in the world, an Ironman is a long-distance triathlete event comprising a 2.4-mile swim, followed by a 112-mile bicycle ride and finishing with a 26.22-mile run.

Organised by the World Triathlon Corporation, events are held throughout the year in various locations across the globe, with each course encompassing an array of natural landscapes, such as lakes, hills, beaches, and oceans.

Our Pick

Ironman Lanzarote

Renowned for its otherworldly volcanic scenery, stunning beaches, delicious cuisine and excellent year-round climate, Lanzarote, the largest of the Canary Islands and a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, is a unique and beautiful island, rich in culture and adventure and the perfect location for an Iron Man. One of Europe’s longest standing races, Lanzarote’s annual Ironman, consists of an ocean swim, a rugged hilly bike ride and finally a flat run along the beachside Avenida de Las Playas.

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Yes, for the standard Ironman events anyone can enter. However you'll need to prepare with an incredibly tough training regiment to finish it.

Yes, depending on the course, most Ironman events have a time limit of either 16 or 17 hours.

Entry fees vary depending on the event and can be found on the Ironman website.

The Ironman 70.3 race is also known as the half Ironman as it covers half the distance of the full race. Many athletes will choose to complete a Ironman 70.3 prior to attempting the full event.


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